List of Best Muscle Building Stacks


Best Muscle Building StackList of Best Muscle Building Stacks

The best muscle building stack is the group of muscle building supplement that can be taken together to maximize the result of the workout. The stack usually consists of the best protein sources that have been proven scientifically. – There are at least five supplements that can be used as your best stack program. They will be listed below with some explanation. Please remember that the best stack usually consists of some of them and they can affect differently depends on the individual that takes it.


Best Protein For Muscle Building Stack

Protein has been known as the most important chemical substance that can help in maximizing the body building or muscle building. Like that has been mentioned before, there are at least five best proteins that can help you maximize your stack program. Athlete or professional bodybuilders are usually using these to be their stacking supplement.

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The first protein to create best muscle building stack is whey protein. Whey protein is the best source of protein that will help to reach more efficiency in workout result. The second type of protein is creatine. Some famous athletes use this kind of protein to help their body to build muscle in short time. Creatine is not only helping you in building the muscle but also help in losing fat. It means that creatine will help you to have more energy.

Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) also becomes the important part of muscle building. It gives you benefits not only to help with muscle mass and growth but also reduce the damage of the muscle after a workout. BCAA is usually used as intra-workout stacks because of its function.

Casein and beta alanine become the protein sources that can be used as your best muscle building stack. Beta alanine can be the good source to help in getting carnosine. The more carnosine in your body it means the more endurance that you get for your muscle.

Remember that stacking can use at least one of those proteins above or a combination of them. Creatine is usually used for pre-workout stack. Some of the people use stacks of one or more proteins that listed above with a combination of testosterone booster, weight gain, and other supplements.

Some people use different protein and other supplements. It means that every person has their own best stack supplement. But below we will list two most usual and the best combination of supplement as the best muscle building stack that most people recommended.
Other supplements

There other supplements that can create the best stack for you other than the proteins that have listed above. Many people use one or more of these and it works for them.

The first supplement that can be added to your stack nutrition is a multi vitamin. There are many products of multi vitamin that range from daily use until for the particular purpose. You can choose to have the multi vitamin that can help you in building your muscle. There are many products of multi vitamin that particular for muscle growth support.

The second supplements that can be combined as your best muscle building stack are fish oils. Fish oil contains omega fatty acid that will affect your muscle to grow efficiently.

You can use ZMA for growth and recovery muscle function in your stack. There are also many pre-workout products energy that should be taken for pre-workout stacking. Post-workout shake could be the addition for your recovery stacking.
You can combine some of the proteins and the supplements for your pre-workout, intra-workout or post-workout. Below there will be examples of supplement combination that can be your guide in deciding your stacking.

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Stacking Examples

Below are the lists of best muscle building stack examples that you can try. It will be started from the then the general guidance to bring your stack, primary sample, and extreme stacking.

The best stacking is the stacking that combines some supplement of gaining weight, one of workout stack types, testosterone booster, BCAA, and some important acid. Weight gainers are important to help yourself get more calories and protein that will help in muscle growth. There will be no muscle growth without both nutrients.

People mostly use a pre-workout supplement to help in lift longer and have more energy to gain muscle mass. It will also minimize the fat gain. Testosterone booster in this stack will help you in improving the body’s ability to send the higher ratio of energy to your muscle. BCAA is required to help to gain muscle mass because it affects the catabolism. The acid that is usually used is arachidonic acid that has a function in gaining lean muscle mass. That is the supplement tips for you as the resource to start creating your stack.

The example of best muscle building stack at a basic level is the one that contains weight gainer, pre-workout booster, and arachidonic acid. The dose for the weight gainer should be no more than four scoops daily or depends on the product that you use. For the pre-workout booster supplement, take about 2-3 caps.

While for the arachnoid acid, you can take no more than four caps daily. If you are a beginner, you can try this basic stack. Especially for the arachnoid acid, you can choose the product that particular for helping in muscle mass only. Primary stacking is usually helped the athlete to build muscle mass quickly easily.

For an extreme stack, it contains testosterone booster (4 caps daily), arachidonic acid, an aromatase inhibitor, pre-workout booster, BCAA (4-6 scoops daily), weight gainer and creatine with extra ingredients (1 scoop daily). The extreme stack is usually used for a professional athlete and the bodybuilder that experienced few years.

Using this stack can make you be a muscle mass machine. It is because the supplements create a formidable combination. In the other hand, you will able to build a muscle in a short time. If you are a beginner, you are not recommended to use this stack. Always remember that your best muscle building stack is the one that suitable for your body condition and the one that recommended by your doctor.


Supplement Stacks As The Effective Muscle Building Way

Many people get difficulties in burning fat and gaining muscle. They usually do diet and proper training to build muscle. That is why they have to try another option to solve their problem. Then, they can be confident with a slimmer body and great muscle.


Muscle Building Stacks That Work

Talking about the other option for burning fat and gaining muscle, you have to try to use stacks to gains the healthy slim body and great muscle. You can find the incredible sacks which will help you to get what you want.

When you look for muscle building stacks for losing weight and building muscle, you have to know that there are many options for you. Many companies offer products with advantage and side effect for your body. It means that you have to be careful in choosing the stacks of supplement for your body. You can make sure that the supplement is guaranteed and has been proven by science. So, it will be safe in building your muscle and burning your fat. Here, you will know some muscle builders who are effective.



You may have known that protein is the best solution to gain bigger muscle. Then, if you will improve muscle mass, you have to eat more calories. When you have a program or plan to build muscle, you should eat the protein twice more than usual. Most athletes usually eat 25 grams of protein minimally at every meal.

Then, they should eat five meals every day. So, the total of protein which athletes eat every day is 125 grams. The amount of protein will support lean mass gains. When the athletes go bed or after a workout, they should eat high-quality protein. It will be better for them.



Creatine monohydrate is the number one supplement to build muscle. It has been proven by 200 studies which are published. Creatine will improve glycogen content and muscle protein. It also delays repeat of fatigue and high-intensity bouts of exercise. The creatine is very useful athletes. It is because they do not consume meat regularly.

If you consume the creatine about five grams every day (after or before training), it will be better for building muscle. You can consume the creatine with a meal when you have off-days. You can also consume the creatine some protein or carbohydrates. It will be effective for your muscle to absorb it.


HMB (hydroxy beta methyl butyrate)

HMB is not new. The hydroxyl beta methyl butyrate is very important to building muscle. It has been proven by quality research. The research says that the HMB can support lean-muscle gains for some times of over-reaching. It will work if you push your body maximally.

You should consume about 1.5 grams every morning and 1.5 grams every early afternoon. You have to consume it when you do two-a-day practice, season, and pre-season (being taxed).

After knowing the stacks above, you may wonder about the benefits of the supplement stacks. There are some ways to lose fat or build muscle. It means that combining some supplements will help you to do some different pathways.

Before stacking the supplement, you have to know about a staple supplement. The staple supplement is something which you take an extended the year, regardless of a cutting cycle or bulking. The staple supplements are whey protein, multivitamin, creatine, fish oil, and beta-alanine.

These supplements are vital to building muscle and maintaining health. They are actually will be basics which will help you to gain healthy weight. You have to know that beta-alanine and creatine have excellent synergy. Beta-alanine will increase aerobic power which is for the excellent. Then, creatine will helps anaerobic power.


Best Supplement Stack for Bulking

Nowadays, many supplement industries have innovation about pills to support muscle growth. The supplement will work well and provide no effect to the body. It causes people become confused in choosing the best supplement for bulking. You have to know that sometimes the new shoppers just waste their money. Flex magazine has announced some supplements for bulking.


A Weight Gainer

The main thing which you have to know when bulking is to get micro and macro nutrients. It will help you to increase your weight. Sometimes, you may be able not to fulfill the need of nutrients for your body every day. That is why the weight gainer comes for you to solve the problem. It will help you to gain weight without eight meals per day.


A Multivitamin

Bulking will need enough vitamin and minerals. The vitamin will give functions of enzymatic in the digesting foods. It will also protect the system to face damage from the inside and outside. Then, the minerals will help your body for cellular action, transporting nutrients, building bone, building blocks, and so on. That is why the multivitamin is needed for your body. It will make sure that your body gets enough nutrients (vitamin and mineral) every day.


Vitamin B-complex

B-vitamins contain anabolic properties which are separated. It will also become the subject of supplementation. You have to remember that people’s body also needs B-complex. The B-complex contains optimal doses. The doses are about 50 to 100 mg. B-vitamin will give great effect for your body. It will offer absorption and digestion and absorption of protein, carbs, and fat.


Desiccated Liver

The desiccated liver will be an absolute staple when you are in bodybuilding. The liver is rich in many kinds of vitamins. One of them is B-complex vitamins. When you are bulking, you should drink about 1 to 2 gallons of milk per day. Then, your body will get a lot of calcium. Here, the desiccated liver will be the solution for you. It will give water retention effect. It will also provide more nutrients for your body.


Vitamin C

The best advantage of vitamin C is for bulking body builder. It also contains tyrosine inactive which affects providing muscle protein. Ascorbic acid in the vitamin C will provide steroid hormones, synthesis of collagen, carnitine, neurotransmitters, and so on.

The information above will lead you to have great muscle with the safe way. It means that you can avoid the dangerous way of building muscle. You can know kind of supplement which is dangerous for your body.


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