Men’s Best Protein Powder For Building Muscle


The best protein powder for building muscle, especially for men isn’t just only one. Protein powder is necessary to help them in building the muscle mass. Although building muscle can be done by lifting weights and eat well, but protein supplement is required to maximize the muscle growth. – The supplement will support the way you are lifting weights from inside your body. It is understandable that best means one only, but for this protein powder, we have compiled more than one. It is because some men have a different choice for the protein powder. Besides, the same powder that men’s take could have a different reaction to others.


Whey Powders

Whey powder is on our first list of best protein powder for building muscle. Why is whey powder on our list? It is because whey powder consists of whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysates. Hydrolysates are the purest form of whey which is known that it digested fast. It also contains a high level of branched-chain amino acids.

By digesting fast, it will help to build your muscle immediately. It also contains peptides that can affect your blood to increase the volume that flows in your muscle. Consuming whey is essential and highly recommended. It is also recommended to consume whey after a workout.

For an excellent work, you can consume whey up to 20 grams before working out. The best time to consume it is 30 minutes before. Within 60 minutes after training, you are recommended to drink it about 40 grams. This will help you build the muscle faster.

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Casein Protein Powder

This protein is our second best protein powder for building muscle list because of its great role. This kind of supplement is very slow to digest protein. Although it’s slow, it benefits our body to build the muscle. From the research has been mentioned that casein is ideal before bed. It will work well if you consume it before your bed time.

The slow digestion rate will benefit you because it will prevent catabolism process when you are sleeping. If you consume it after a workout like whey, the protein that will boost in your muscle is as the same as whey. It will increase the muscle growth. Another suggestion said that it is recommended to take whey and the casein together after a workout to improve muscle building.

If you want to maximize the casein’s work in supporting your muscle growth, you need to choose the casein that contains micellar casein. Consume up to 40 grams before you go to bed. For consumption after a workout, you just need to consume no more than 20 grams. The ideal range is 10 – 20 grams. You can add this to your whey protein shake. You can also have a choice to consume casein between meals. Take no more than 40 grams casein between your meals.



It has been proven that men who consume can gain up to 10 pounds body weight and increase the muscle strength in its unique way. This is why creatine is our third best protein powder for building muscle list. Creatine consists of three amino acids; they are glycine, arginine, and methionine. This makes the creatine to work in several ways. It could increase the energy of your muscles and draws more water into your muscle. These ways are the way the creatine works to support your muscle building.

If the previous protein powder is consumed more than 10 grams, the creatine is less than them all. It only needs to take no more than 5 grams creatine before a workout. Choose the creatine that in the form of creatine monohydrate, malate or alpha-ketoglutarate. For post workout shake, you are also required to take no more than 5 grams. IF you don’t train, then you can take it no more than 5 grams when you have breakfast, preferably breakfast with the carbohydrate food.

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Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

This fourth list of best protein powder for building muscle is referred to leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Amino acids have known for its ability to build muscle tissue. According to research, leucine can stimulate protein muscle protein synthesis its own. Although leucine is the most important of them all, the fact it will be better if the consumption of BCAA is including three of them. The effect will be maximized.

To use this, take BCAA up to 10 grams with your breakfast. Use the same weight of the BCAA; you can take it before and after a workout. If possible, you should consult with your doctor to consume this powder.



Carnosine is on our fifth list of best protein powder for building muscle because of its ability to increase the muscle’s strength. It has been studied before that people with high carnosine in their muscle will gain more strength and endurance. It seems that carnosine will increase the muscle’s fiber ability to contract with force. The research finds there are people consume this protein powder to lose the body fat weight.

To use carnosine, you should be careful. Taking carnosine should be less than 2 grams. Or take maximum 2 grams. 2 grams is before a workout, and so does after a workout. But if you are not doing a workout, 2 grams with your breakfast is enough.

In the other hand, the best protein powder for building muscle also needs some food that contains high protein to maximize the workout result. Some protein source such as egg and meat can support the muscle growth too. If you choose an egg, you can try to consume the white part only. The egg white protein digested faster than casein but slower than whey.

The combination of consuming egg white, whey, and casein will fully support your body. Meat, especially red meat also could be your new protein source. It will help you in your muscle growth. With the support of the best protein powder for building muscle, men could find their confidence to face the world.


Protein Powder: The Best Answer for Losing Weight

An ideal body weight is hope of every people. The ideal body will make people confident and brave to face the audiences. So, it is important to lose weight for you who have over weight. Information about how to lose weight is necessary for you. Here, you will know more about how to lose weight fast. Let’s see.


Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

For losing weight, you have to know about kind of protein which will support your effort to lose weight. Yeah, the protein is kind of nutrient which is essential for weight loss. It will help your body to boost body metabolism, help to lose body fat with no losing muscle.

The protein shakes are the easiest way to give more protein for your diet. Then, it will show you how your weight is losing. You can shake the protein powder with water or other ingredients. Of course, they will be excellent high-protein food for you to support your diet.

You can find kinds of protein powder which can be the right protein for your diet. Here, you will know the powder protein as well.

  1. Whey protein
    About the whey protein, there is a study which proves that the whey protein is used to build muscle. This kind of protein is also used to help people to be slimmer. Director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism Lab at Skidmore College, Paul Arciero, Ed.D says that they may be the most efficient strategy of diet to lose weight. The whey is kind of thermogenic food which you can eat. After eating the whey, calories in your body will be burned.
  2. Soy protein
    The soy protein is kind of protein which made from soybean meal. Then, the soybean meal has been defatted and dehulled. The soy protein is good to reduce body weight and hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperlipidemia control. This kind of protein has a characteristic which is useful for diabetic and nondiabetic persons. It will control of blood sugar and obesity.
  3. Casein protein
    The next kind of protein powder is the casein protein. This kind of protein has significant advantages for the human body. The casein protein is good for helping you to lose weight. To lose weight, you should know your body will change the body fat tissue into energy. But, sometimes, the energy is from your muscle.
    For losing weight, it will be better if your body changes the body fat tissue into energy than your body taps energy from your muscle. Your body may do both of the possibilities for getting energy. Based on the studies, the casein protein will solve the problem. It will help people to lose weight and improve the strength of legs, shoulders, and chest.
  4. Rice protein
    Are you a vegetarian? The rice protein is good for you who are the vegetarian who will lose weight. It is the best strategy for individuals with allergies or vegetarians to lose weight. You have to know that there are some people cannot consume whey protein. Yeah, the whey protein is made milk. So, it may cause allergic reactions. But, the rice protein is made from rice which is the plant. So, it is safe for all people.
    The rice protein is processed with the combination of enzymes. So, the carbohydrates and fats will be separated with protein. You have to know that process of making the rice protein do not use chemicals or high heat. It means that the amino acids are still in the rice.
  5. Hemp protein
    Hemp seed is planted which contains high protein. It is one of the best plant-based proteins. When you find the plant-based protein to improve your protein, the hemp protein will be a good answer for you.
    In fact, the hemp protein powder is the best protein powder which is vegan. It contains 20 amino acids. The amino acids also include essential amino acids which your body cannot produce by itself. The number of the essential amino acids is nine.


Protein Powder Benefits

Many people start consuming shakes when they are on a diet. They usually do not need first consideration about whether or why they need the protein powder. Sports dietitian and nutrition coach at Precision Nutrition, Brian St. Pierre says that the most logical reason to use protein powder as the supplement is to get protein need for the day.

If you eat food which contains enough protein about three or four times per day, you may not need the protein powder. But, if you cannot eat enough protein, you will need the protein powder as the supplement. Here, you will know some benefits of the protein powder.

  1. Preserving muscle and losing body fat
    The protein powder is good to preserve muscle and to lose body fat. Based on the study in Minnesota which conducted about 12 weeks, it can be concluded that people who consume the protein powder can lose their body fat about 6.1% more than people who do not consume the protein powder. They also can preserve muscle.
  2. Improving strength and size
    The protein powder can improve strength and size. Baylor University in Waco had conducted a study. The university prepared 19 men to be the sample of the study about ten weeks. Then, the all men had to consume 14 grams of casein and whey protein with 6 grams of amino acids which are free. Then, they were given the rest of 20-gram placebo. The result of the study is that the men who consume of the protein powder get a greater improvement in muscle strength and fat-free mass. The key to the study result is to follow the study. People should consume protein powder (whey) about one hour after and before the exercises.
  3. Good for reducing hunger
    The protein powder is useful for reducing hunger. The protein powder can help you to reduce hunger. It is also good to avoid of developing ball-shaped physique. Australian researchers had conducted research. They had sample 28 obese men. They should consume four drinks which were different. They who consumed the drinks with 50 grams of whey can reduce ghrelin levels significantly.

The information about the protein powder is important for you. The protein powder is so suggested for you who will lose weight and build muscle. So, you can follow the way.


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