How To Build Calf Muscles For Skinny Legs With Foods And Workouts


eBuildMuscle.comHow To Build Calf Muscles For Skinny LegsHow to build calf muscles for skinny legs maybe is one of your questions that stuck in your mind. If you are one of the bodybuilder athletes and often attend body build competition, absolutely you dream of a proportional body from the top until the bottom. Have a broad and muscular on the up body, but skinny legs maybe will make you feel in-confident.

In the other hand, if you are not a bodybuilder having skinny legs maybe will make you ashamed while you want to go to the gym or hang out with a short that show your legs. As we all know, calves are the most exposed parts of the legs. Many people that have skinny legs train it hard to make it look proportionate to other body parts as possible.

You must know that how to build calf muscles for skinny legs is not only about how often we do a workout in the gym. Building muscle is 100% a bundling of nutrition and works out that works together hand in hand to complete each other.

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Foods to gain muscle for skinny legs

The following foods that mentioned below are some examples to build leg muscle and will work great if combined with training.

  1. Grilled Chicken with Salad
    Protein is the most important part to build muscle. So, you will consume chicken breast that has a high protein without fat. While salad that consists of various vegetables provide many antioxidants that provide a good substance to recover your body after training sessions. Besides that, you will also add avocado and olive oil on the salad to get a healthy fat.
  2. Grilled Salmon with Rice and Vegetables
    If you want to get a good source of carbohydrate, the brown rice is the best choice. It rich in fiber and you will mix it with vegetables that give you extra antioxidants. As another kind of fish, salmon also contains protein and healthy fats. You will get polyunsaturated fats also omega-3 and omega-6.
  3. Buffalo Steak with Yam and Vegetables
    How to build calf muscles for skinny legs is by combining of buffalo steak that contains double protein than regular beef with a vegetable that rich of antioxidant will build a good impact on your body. For the source of the carbohydrate, you will get it through the yam. It is high in fiber that good to provide energy for training.
  4. Turkey and Swiss on Whole Wheat with Pretzels and Banana
    If you like kind of poultry meat, you will choose turkey or chicken. Both of them, low in fat and contain high protein. If you want to get another variation of a flavor of how to build calf muscles for skinny legs through the food, you will add it with cheese that has lower fat. In the other hand, the wheat bread that contains high fiber and banana will be the fuel for you while doing workouts.
  5. Tuna Salad Sandwich on Whole Wheat with Apple and Carrots
    Apple and carrots are kind of fruit and vegetables that have high antioxidants, minerals also vitamin to protect our body. In the other hand, you will get a high protein through the tuna salad that mixed perfectly with wheat bread to make a sandwich. The fiber from the wheat bread is also a good choice.
  6. Egg White Omelet with Whole Wheat Toast and an Orange
    How to build calf muscles for skinny legs is by consuming this food. For recovery, your body system, consuming orange is a good idea because of it rich in vitamin C. The white part of the egg is a source of high protein, and you will get fat also carbs from the fresh vegetables that sautéed with olive oil.
  7. Bran Cereal with Skim Milk
    To provide carbohydrates and fiber to your body, bran cereal will be a good choice for you. It will give you extra power to do your activity and also workout. The source of the protein is from the skim milk that good for your bone and muscle.
    After you know the foods that contain the good protein also carbohydrates, you will mix it with doing exercise. How to build calf muscles for skinny legs is by working the claves regularly twice a week. You will stretch the claves to make the blood pumping in the claves.
    You must know something that important; the first thing is to make sure that you are consuming a good and healthy food. It must contain protein and carbohydrates to provide a lot of calories. The second one how to build calf muscles for skinny legs is by having plenty of rest between the exercises.

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Training techniques

Let transform your claves appearance through some exercises and do it regularly.

  1. Stretching between Sets – stretch each of your claves approximately 30 until 40 seconds. It will make your muscle growth and more flexible.
  2. High-Intensity Training Techniques – to stimulate your claves, do add-sets, drop-sets, rest-pause or eccentric. It can be used for giving the stimulation for the long-term calf growth.
  3. Exercise and Exercise Equipment Variation – you will mix and match the various techniques to get a good result. Some of the exercises are seated calf raise, standing calf raise, toe press and donkey calf raise. You must know the proper exercises that stimulate your muscle. So, you will change the calf exercise in every workout.
  4. Multiple Repetition Schemes – if you want to get a good result, you must do the exercises from 20 until 100 repetition range. Mix and match the exercise in 8 to 20 repetition. Please don’t use the same repetition in every set. Combine the use of the fast and slow technique to keep a good performance.

Well, let’s practice how to build calf muscles for skinny legs that mentioned above, and you will get the best result. Don’t forget to mix and match every food and also exercises to avoid from boredom feel. Every goal needs a hard effort and after you get the proportional body, don’t forget to maintain it by consuming a good food and also workout regularly.


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