9 Excellent Tips How To Build Muscle Mass Fast That Work


9 Excellent Tips on How to Build Muscle Mass Fast

People especially men generally feel jealous with the appearance of another man who looks cool with the athletic body and has a great mass. If you feel it, that is normal. Then, you are curious and find out how to build muscle mass fast. You are lucky to be here. In this post, we serve you some great secret steps to have the ideal mass as you wish.


9 Tips on How to Build Mass Fast That Work

eBuildMuscle.com – In building muscle mass, there are three important components that you should note well. They are the right diet strategy, high tech supplementation, and hardcore training. It is because it refers that muscle mass is a straw that stirs the drink in bodybuilding exercises. Thus, if you want the perfect body shape, muscle, and symmetry, all three of you must do in the right way. Nevertheless, there are some tricks to achieve it all.

  1. Doing the Exercises
    It is the key. There is no greater way on how to build muscle mass fast than from regularly doing exercises with high intensity. Start by doing it within 30-45 minutes 3-4 times per week. During each season, do the right weight lifting as much as you can. If you do reps without feeling a burn, you can add more weight.
  2. Emphasizing the Negative
    Emphasizing the negative is the easiest trick to burden the muscles. Also, it will increase the radical gains in mass. Remember that muscle growth is a logical byproduct of muscle contraction. There is much emphasis placed on the concentric phase of a list that in such circumstances the muscle will shorten when contracting. However, stretching the muscles during the eccentric (negative) phase or the phase where the muscles will elongate directly, it can cause muscle hypertrophy as well.
  3. Consuming Fish
    Fish, especially salmon contains lots of fat that is beneficial to health. Omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon can make muscles more sensitive to insulin. The way it works is they will encourage the storage of glycogen and the entry of amino acids into the muscles. Also, they will also preserve glutamine stores. Therefore, if you are wondering how to build muscle mass fast, then eat fish, especially salmon.
  4. Increasing Sodium Intake
    Sodium is an essential mineral that is indispensable for muscle growth. Moreover, it can increase carbohydrate storage, muscle response to insulin, and absorption of amino acids. Nevertheless, Sodium has a bad rap that can cause water retention (anathema) to contest ready bodybuilders.
  5. Stay Away from Aerobics, Whatever They Are!
    All aerobic exercises are bad for those of you who want to have perfect mass. They have adverse effects on mass buildings, interfering with the strength gains and recovery by burning glycogen and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that are urgently needed to build mass.
  6. Increasing Calories for Three Days
    If you think with a low-calorie diet, you will achieve a positive nitrogen balance that is a big mistake. You still need raw materials such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates to build new muscle mass. Besides, they will support recovery.
  7. The key to this trick on how to build muscle mass fast is to limit the increase in calories over a specified three-day period. That way, you can stimulate growth by increasing muscle sensitivity to insulin. Also, you will provide more carbohydrates for glycogen storage. After three days that have been determined, return to your typical daily caloric intake.
  8. Eating At Least Five Times a Day
    People usually will eat three times a day. However, for those of you who want to know one of the secret tips on how to build muscle mass fast, eat more than three times. It can be four or six times per day. It will increase the absorption of nutrients. Eating in the middle of the night is a good idea. However, if you cannot do it, you can replace it with the protein drinks. It can encourage additional growth. Just do not wait until your stomach growl and then you will eat. When in the muscle development phase, you should always refuel your body.
  9. Taking Certain Supplements in a Reasonable Dose
    Glutamine is famous as the immunity amino. If you are too stressed out from exercise and diet, the immune system will kick in and then release glutamine into the bloodstream. If you have low levels of glutamine, it will inhibit muscle growth. That is why you need to consume glutamine supplements.
    Are you curious about how to build muscle mass fast with the supplement in the form of creatine and how does it work? Creatine is a kind of protein supplement that has been shown to help in greater muscle building. It is said to have additional power and ability to produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is such as chemical fuel for training and growth.
    It comes in powder form. You just mix it with water and drink several times a day. If you complete the exercise by consuming creatine, you can increase creatine levels in the muscle.
    Amino Acid
    You know that amino acids are excellent for both health and muscle mass formation. It acts as a practical fuel source when the glycogen stores are low. Also, BCAA will also improve the balance of nitrogen and prevent the dreaded catabolic state.
  10. Taking Enough Sleep
    The wrong assumption and unfortunately many bodybuilders who still do it is they always practice and a little rest. Moreover, if they take several days off to rest, they will restore glycogen and increase anabolism.
    Also, they can restore the hormonal index of testosterone and cortisol to the optimum level. Recommended sleeping time to the most out of the question how to build muscle mass fast is 7 hours. It would be better if you do 8-9 hours.

There is no instant way to get the dream mass. However, you can achieve it by practicing some tips on how to build muscle mass fast as presented on this post. Hope this helps you to be healthier and appear more confident.

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Build Muscle Fast at Home

Build muscle fast will need some harder efforts. Probably it will be harder, but it is the way fun. For your information, you can now practicing exercise and doing things that will make your muscle getting bigger in your house. Many people choose this way because they don’t have time to visit the gym. It can be an alternative way if you don’t want to leave your house but want to keep practicing the exercises. For females, it is also possible to build their muscle in a fast way too.


How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast At Home

When you are planning to build muscle fast at home, you should understand that you will work without equipment. If you want to use your hand made equipment to help you exercise, it is fine. This equipment can be used to practice as what you use to do in the gym. But if you don’t have any equipment that will help you, you don’t need to worry. There are some ways you can still exercise.

But it’s not enough if you are aiming for fast progress. You will need some additional things to do too. Remember that to build muscle isn’t just about the exercise, even if you do the exercise at the gym too. You will need to manage the food that you consume and your lifestyle too. Below there will be explanations about that.

If you are a beginner, commit to yourself that you will do it. Without a strong commitment, you will not be able to do it. Some people who are not strong enough to commit to doing this usually stop it. The result is that they are not good in body shape. Motivate yourself why you want to do this. Once you can strongly commit to making it, you can continue to the next steps.

After committing to yourself, you can try to start making your home work out plan. For a beginner, you can commit to doing 4 days or 3 days exercise each week. For 4 days home workout, try practicing two days exercise, one day off and two days exercise again. While for the 3 days exercise you can do it with a one-day workout, off and repeat it until you do 3 days in a week. Try to plan this for a month or more.

After planning for the time range, you can start to think about the kind of exercises. Some basic exercises that you can do are including calf raises, push up, basic plank and some squats. Do some of them from 3 up to 4 sets of about 6-10 reps. Take a rest up to 90 seconds for every set. Do this on your workout day only. If you doubt about the exercise, hire some professional muscle builder to guide you.

Not only about exercise, you also should care about your nutrition if you want to build muscle fast. The main nutrition that you should consider in your daily meal is the protein intake. Protein is the essential part of body building. If you are a beginner, consume less than 1 gram daily per pound of your weight. You can eat the food that contains protein such as beef, salmon, tuna, egg, egg white, and chicken. But if it’s not enough, you can add some protein supplement. The protein supplement is usually used by those who have regular exercise and already shape their muscles. To get the right protein intake, you can ask the doctor’s advice. The right protein that you are consuming will be the source of the strength, power and rebuild the muscle to be bigger.

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How To Build Muscle Fast For Females

For females that wish to build muscle fast, they need to decide many things. As an example, they need to commit and do harder work than they used to be. They will need also to manage well their own meal plans. It is always important to notice anything that important in building muscle.

The thing is that there is a strong difference between female and male in this case. Female shouldn’t do any work out that harder than male in the same level. There is a limitation for a female to do it. It is not because those females are not strong enough, but it because their body needs to adapt and their bodies aren’t created as the same as male.

So to begin, females should commit to being able to do the workout. It will feel like hurt and pressing, but the more you practice you can see the difference. The thing that should be prepared is the weekly schedule to do a workout. And then consult with the doctor or the professional body builder to guide you. It is also important to notice your first workout type and the right work outs that you will do. If you like to visit the gym, then there will be a guide or the staff to help you.

No matter if you are females, you should also consume protein. Please keep in mind that underweight is forbidden in several situations. And also just like the mentioned above statement, to build muscle fast one should consume more foods. That’s right and women should follow these instructions too.  Some of the differences are that about the meal plans and the protein. The plan that they should prepare should consist of 40% protein, 30% carbohydrate, and 30% fat. In this case, fat means the healthy fat that we can get from avocado, coconut oil, and butter nut. It is because working for the bigger muscle need calories and energy.

If adult men have an intake about 1 gram per their body weight, then for the female is different. A woman should only take the protein that a little bit slightly than the usual. Women only should take 0.5-0.7 grams per pounds of their body weight. They can use the 1 gram for each pound of their body intake if they are already worked out for several years.

Besides, they also need to think about the sleep. Taking rest in at least 3 days per week in your workout program to build muscle fast should also be considered.


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