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how to build muscle for womenHow to Build Muscle for Women in a Short Time?

How to build muscle for women has to be the one question which is always asked by all women who are about to build the muscle. Building muscle for women is kind of hard to do than the men due to the lack of testosterone, but it is possible for them to put on muscle as well as the men. However, as well as you try hard, you will gain your success in building muscle. – When you search for the information about how to build muscle for women via the internet, you must find that there are many tips and also ways of how to put on the muscle. Therefore, all you need to do is having the data connection.


Gaining the muscle’s growth for women

Again, all people especially women who want to build muscle must wonder about how to build muscle for women so that they will look for the detailed info from anyone, anything to gain the success. If it is needed, you might even consult to the trainers at the gym, etc.

They way to build the muscle for women must be the topic that the beginners, all women including you who want to start building the muscle, know. There are many ways of building the muscle which will be explained in the following points.

  1. Tailor your workout
    If you would like to gain the fast muscle, you need programs tailored to your female gender. It is true that the testosterone hormone has a significant effect on the muscle building. You must remember that you also have much less of this testosterone hormone in your body. It is needed for you to do weight training since it may stimulate your body to produce much testosterone hormones.
  2. Use Myofibrillar Hypertrophy.
    Myofibrillar hypertrophy is one kind of exercises that are done to build muscle. This exercise includes the lifting of the heavy weights, performing sets of three to eight exercise repetitions. A shorter repetition number of exercise must be easy, but once you reach the eighth repetitions, it must be hard for you to lift the weight since it is too heavy.
    When you push yourself to lift the weight, your body will release the testosterone hormone and micro trauma of the muscle fibers. The micro trauma must involve small tears in the muscle cells, but your body amazingly will repair and replace the damaged fibers with the larger and strong ones.
  3. Use Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
    If you would like to build muscle fast within a few weeks of training, you might use the Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy training method. This method is very effective to build and grow the muscle large in a short time.
    However, this training is hard to exercise because you have to repeat the exercise for 12 to 15 repetitions per each exercise including the bench dips, dumbbell side raises, chest fly, and the incline dumbbell chest press. Do not be worried about causing your muscle fatigued. On the other hand, it could stimulate the body to produce more hormone of the muscle building.
  4. Outside the gym
    Well, it cannot be denied that doing workouts is very necessary and important but do not forget to rest yourself. Also, you need to do a diet because it contributes to the muscle building as well. You need to eat before and after doing your workout. Of course, the foods or snacks you are going to eat must contain balanced protein and carbohydrates. Eat a banana with the additional nut butter, for instance. You may also eat the snack energy bars from nuts and fruits or a half sandwich with roasted turkey.

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Tips to build muscle

If you look for the information about how to build muscle for women on the internet, you must pay attention to the information whether or not it is true. Sometimes, there are rumors saying women cannot gain much muscle’s growth as the men did. Well, it is not true at all because there are many existed well-built women, too, right?

Instead of knowing the information about the way on building muscle for women, it is necessary for you to search for the tips to build the muscle so that you might be satisfied and happy to see your muscle’s growth. Anyway, here are tips to build a muscle for you, women.

  1. Look for professional.
    It must be difficult for you, especially a beginner, who just start thinking about building muscle. Of course, you need someone to help and guide you. Therefore, you have to look for the professional trainers in making your dream comes true.
  2. Gym.
    Well, if you have free time during your holiday, it is better to spend your time to go to the gym. There, you will find many completed equipment to use. Instead of going to the gym, if you do not have much money, you might train your self at home, but at least, you need to buy one equipment.
  3. The workout exercise.
    It cannot be doubted that there are many women failed to gain the muscle because they are lazy and inconsistent. If you are serious you want to build a muscle; you need to do your workout exercise regularly.
  4. Eating.
    Most of the women tend to be afraid that eating many foods may make them fat. In building the muscle, it is a must to eat foods that contain much protein. Do not be worried about getting bigger or fat because the protein is used to be the energy when you start doing exercises.
  5. Patience.
    Gaining the muscle’s growth is not as fast as you think. There will be a process and effort to make it happened. You, therefore, need to be patient to see it.

Finally, that’s all about how to build muscle for women; hopefully, it might be useful to all women especially those who are looking for the information or the reference to correctly building the muscle. If you want to know more about it, you can ask directly to the trainers at the gym or just browse the internet and read the articles on the websites.



Time Frame for Females in Build Muscle

Nowadays, the women that wish to get the bigger muscle are increasing, and it raises the question about the time frame for females that wish to build the muscle. It is not only about the talent or gender balance issue that motivates them, but also because of the need to be healthy.

On the other hand, building muscle also can make them increase the confidence. In some profession such as being an actress, build muscle for women is necessary. For a personal reason, building muscle can be sexy. But then it raised a question about how long it takes for those who are about to start.

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How long it takes to take to build muscle for females

The first question that women ask when they begin to do the body building is how long it takes to build the muscle. This is the important question to make the commit and prepare their minds to do the regular exercise.

Before answering the questions, there are some explanations about a woman that all of us need to understand. The first thing that we should understand is that woman has different body structure with the man which is affecting the way woman build muscle. This makes the time frame for females is quite long. This is because women don’t have enough androgenic hormones. They will have difficulty to build lean muscles. The androgenic hormone is the hormone that stimulates the muscle growth. But it doesn’t mean that women can’t do muscle building.

Women also do not have enough testosterone hormones, like an androgenic hormone, which supports the muscle growth too. This affects the way woman taking the time to build the muscle. Build muscle itself also affected by the personal goal.

The time frame for a female to build the muscle is varied depends on the goal. Usually, an average adult could take 12 up to 18 lbs each year, with the notes that they are regularly doing the exercises and organizing the meal pretty well. So if the average adult, especially men, that want to build a muscle with the 20 lbs goal, they will need to exercise in about a year. This is also applicable for the female, but the time will take longer.

For a woman, the average adults can gain less number a year compared to the men. They probably just gain 7 or 10 lbs yearly. But it doesn’t always show the same result. There are some other factors affect the time frame for females to build the muscle. They include the hormones, genetic variable, the intensity of the exercise, the nutrition intake and also the nutrition supplement. These are also affecting the individual time frame.

Some women out there can put the mass faster because they are genetically born to putting on muscle. Even some women that wish to build lean muscle by increasing the exercise intensity can see the result earlier. But women shouldn’t do extra exercise because it could damage their body.

The good news for the women is that they will be able to see the changes every three months. If you aim to be bigger, you should train it daily. So if you keep practicing in a year or two years, you will see the significant changes that will make you happy.

So basically, the time frame for a female that is currently aiming for building muscle depends on the individual itself. Remember that it is all affected by the things such as the genetic matters, eating rules, consistency intensity of the workout and much more.

If women eat well, organize the exercise correctly and have the consistency to do it, then they can even increase the muscle up to 20 lbs yearly. That’s such a perfect time frame for females that wish to build the muscle.


How Long To Build Lean Muscle While Losing Weight

Building lean muscle while losing weight is possible, and many people do that simultaneously. Some of the lean muscle building exercises are direct can cause the weight loss. Usually, it happens at the beginning. But after going through few months or years, the weight will increase because the muscle mass also will increase. The bigger the muscle, the weight body will also increase.

To lose weight while you are building your muscle, you just need to exercise regularly and eat the healthy food. People that wish to lose weight are recommended to eat the healthy food and maximize the protein intake. In building muscle world, protein intake is essential to support the muscle to be bigger. This is such as mutualism symbiosis.

Specifically, you should frequently eat such as five or six times daily with special meals. It means that your meal plan also should be planned well. As an example, if you usually eat carbohydrates and junk food, you need to change. Make your meal with the foods like egg whites, peanut butter, oatmeal, and blueberries. It is healthy to lose your weight and improve the power to build your muscle. For the next meal, you can try chicken, almonds, and broccoli. Broccoli is an excellent source of useful substances.

You should also do the weight training. Increasing the cardio exercises is also necessary. Cardio will help your body burns the fuel more efficiently. It will burn your fat and could support the muscle building. Choose the weight training and cardio exercises that suit with you. For making sure, try to contact your body builder trainer. Each training or exercise has its own rules and function; it’s better to consult it first before doing it. If you do them all in a right movement, you will get the result soon. Do not do your cardio before weight training.

Back to the question of how long it takes, it depends on the individual goals. You can see the significant result just in few weeks if you do it properly. But if you aim high, you will need time a bit longer than the average. So it means that the time depends on your goal and how you would achieve your goals. It’s all matters. In another case, the time frame for females who wish to do this will take a bit longer.



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