Simple Exercises How To Build Trap Muscles


how to build trap muscleSome Smart Ways How to Build Trap Muscles

You may often think how to build trap muscle you have to go to the gym and get right training. However, the way to build trap muscles does not necessarily require you to go to the gym. You just need your weight to be your ‘tool’ to practice. – Having a body shape with tight muscles is the dream of most men, especially young age. Most young men feel confident about their appearance when they have a body shape with tight muscles.

To have a body shape with tight muscles young men can do some exercise without using fitness equipment. Here’s an exercise that will help how to build trap muscle, especially for youth.

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There are some smart ways to build trap muscles

  1. Doing Push up
    One of the best common forms of exercise that youths have to build trap muscle is push up. This form of exercise will help a young man in forming the muscles of the chest and back to be tight. How to do it?
    To move, first position the body in prone condition, you need to keep the shoulders at a wide arm and keep feet at the same distance. Next, lower the elbows so that the center of the body or chest until the stomach touched the ground. Raise the body position and continue doing this movement repeatedly. Keep in mind; do not bend the knees or feet in this movement. The current push up movement has many modifications, for example using only one arm or one finger.
  2. Doing a Bear Crawls.
    One of the ways how to build trap muscle is doing bear crawls. This exercise starts with a push-up position. Both palms and toes touch the floor. Keep your back straight. Move your right hand and left foot forward so that your left foot touches your left hand. Do the same with your feet and other hands. Perform this movement slowly so you can feel the muscles of your hands and feet tighten. Repeat several times.
  3. Doing Tricep Dips.
    To do so, lean back on the chair, place your hands on the edge of the chair. Make sure your knuckles point ahead. Bend your legs, and lower your body slowly. When lowering your body, make sure your elbow is tapped at a 90° angle. Hold for a few moments, raise your body again. Repeat the movement.
  4. Doing Squats jump
    Squats jump is one of the best exercises in a foot. To do this exercise, you should stand upright, both feet until the knees bend until the thighs are in the same dimension. To perform this movement, you do not need to raise the heel with the aim of toning the leg muscles. Also, there are many modifications in the squats jump motion, for example, done while jumping with the initial position of squatting.
  5. Lunges or lunges
    This is another movement for how to build trap muscle in leg muscles and thighs. To perform this movement, initially position the left or right foot in front with the knees bent, and one of the other legs is stretched towards the back, then lower to touch the ground. Repeat the movement repeatedly with the position of the legs alternately until the muscles of the legs tight. Also, this movement also helps tighten the muscles of the thighs and hips.
  6. Doing Sit up
    No doubt, sit ups are the best exercises on to build the body’s muscle, especially the chest and abdomen. Place your hands behind your head with the starting position lying flat or flat on the ground. Then, lift the body by pushing the abdomen up to the chin trying to touch the knees that have been in a bent position. Perform this movement over and over again to obtain the muscles of the body tight, especially the chest and abdomen.
  7. Riding a bicycle
    This one sport is well known how to build trap muscle of foot but also can work to tighten the abdominal muscles. Foot movements that paddle up and down will also affect the abdominal muscles become taut. Cycling activities can burn many calories in the body if done for at least 30 minutes or half an hour. Better to do biking every day, but if no time can be done three times a week. After cycling outdoors, usually, the face will become dirty and greasy. How to set How to cope with oily face needs to be done to maintain a preserved facial appearance.
  8. Walking and Jogging
    Walking and jogging is an easy exercise and does not cost much. You can do this in the area around the house. Choose a place with lots of trees to get fresh air that is good for breathing. How to cope with large calves can also be done with sports by walking and jogging.
  9. Bicycle Exercise
    Called bicycle exercise is one of how to build trap muscle because the movement is like people are cycling. The minimum time required for this exercise is two minutes each day for beginners. Lay your body with both hands behind the head, raise your right knee to the left shoulder, lift your head until the left elbow meets the right knee. Hold for a few seconds, raise your left knee to the right shoulder shaft, raise your head until your right elbow meets the left knee. Hold for a few seconds. Do this for fifteen minutes.
  10. Vertical Leg Crunch
    This movement resembles sit ups, but with both feet and hands raised upward. This exercise is a combination of sit ups and candlelight. How to do this movement is: Lay your body in the attitude of sit up. The hands behind the head raise your legs and lift high straight up. After the leg straight up, lift the head as when sitting up to the foot with the hand fixed in Back of the head. Vertical leg crunch is very effective to tighten the abdominal muscles. Perform this movement for 20 minutes every day on a regular basis.

For the care of the feet to be smooth and immaculate, there are ways to remove black spots on the legs that can be done to support the condition of the legs tight after mastering this exercise.

Exactly we can practice how to build trap muscle anywhere and anytime. Without gym equipment, you can still rely on your body weight as a ‘tool’ to practice. Of course, this effort is much easier, practical, and economic right, Interested to try it?


How To Build The Trap Muscles Effectively

 Nowadays, to build muscle is one of the most fun activities which is desired by people, especially those who love health and vitality. Besides healthy, this activity can make or transform the body appearance become more beautiful and sexier. By having the kinds of those appearances, people may feel more confident and proud of their appearance. That is why to build muscles is preferable for them.

Talking about muscle, to build it is not easy, especially the trap muscles. For you who want to gain it, you must work hard to make it happen. However, to make some efforts to build it is not always expensive. You should not always go to a gym and spend much money to go there. You can do it yourself at home. So, just prepare the equipment and enjoy your activities.

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Also, to gain the trap muscle, there are so many ways you can do. Here are four significant ways that you can choose. Traps workout at home:

  • Barbell shrug
    A barbell shrug can be said as the most favorite trap-building exercise because it is easy to do. Although it is a kind of the easy exercise, you should do it regularly to maximize your effort to get the best result. So, don’t just do as you want or depend on your mood.
    By doing this exercise, you can build the upper portion of your traps. This exercise will also be responsible for lifting the shoulder blades. It has a significant role in building your traps muscles, doesn’t it? So, just try it.
  • Dumbbell shrug
    Another way to shape your traps is by doing dumbbell shrug. When this exercise is compared to the barbell shrug explained before, it can give a different feeling to the door. It places less stress on the shoulder joints. It can be so because when you do this exercise, your shoulders should not rotate to hold the bar. So, this condition will keep the shoulders more stable while you perform the movement.
  • Incline dumbbell shrug
    Seen from the name, this exercise is done by placing the body on a small incline bench. By doing this exercise, you will be able to build the lower traps because the movement of this exercise targets it. Thus, it can be shaped well.
    Then, for you who never try this way, let us tell you the step to do it. First, start the movement by grabbing a pair of dumbbells and laying your chest-down on a forty five-degree incline bench. Then, let your arms hang straight down. After that, make palms facing each other. When it is done, you can shrug your shoulders up as pulling the shoulder blades together. After that, you should stop your movement for a while, and then reverse the movement of what you do.
  • Dumbbell jump shrug
    This kind of fun exercise can be done to increase the muscles’ size and strength. The movements of this exercise will hit fast-twitch muscle fibers. So, it will be perfect to raise your size and strength of your trap muscles.
    To do it is easy. You can just begin by grabbing the dumbbells. Then, bend them at the hips and knees. After that, let the weights hang at the arms’ length below the knees. When it is done well, then thrust the hips forward. That movement then followed with a shrug your shoulders firmly and jumped as high as possible. Then, end the movements by landing as softly as possible.

Ultimate Trap Workouts

Furthermore, you can do the ultimate workout to build better traps of your body. Below are two best ways that you can do.


Trap flies

This kind of ultimate workout can also be called as bent over flies. This exercise needs some serious thinking while you are doing it. It is because the trouble may happen when you are not serious. So, always stay focus while doing this workout.

To start this exercise, you can grab the dumbbells and keep the palms facing in all the time you do this exercise. After that, bend over at about 30-degree angle. When it is finished, you can start the movement by shrugging your traps than just pulling with the rear delts.

Then, you should control the negative motion for a stable about a two-second return. After that, you had better feel a resistance in the upper or rear section of your traps and more towards a rhomboid muscle. When it is done successfully, you can know that you are making the motion correctly.


Rhomboid pulls

This exercise is also called as ‘close grip low cable row.’ To do this exercise is not difficult, but it is also not too easy. Well, to perform it can be started by pulling the cable to the belly button area. Make sure that you feel that your scapula expand and roll forward when you start to lower the weight. So, it can be assured that everything run well.

Also, when the tension begins to release from the rhomboid muscle, you should stop the negative motion and try to pull back towards the abdomen. After that, you should be able to pull well your scapula together tightly to make the active motion happen. So, this exercise can succeed.

To build the trap muscles can be categorized as an important way to do when you need to strengthen your muscles. It can also be done as an effort to keep your body condition healthy.

Then, you need to know that several kinds of workouts can be done at home like what has been mentioned before. Thus, this condition will give you a chance to have a longer time to exercise without spending much money. It can’t, of course, be done when you choose to do these exercises at the gym. So, enjoy the occasion wherever you do the exercise, include at home.

Also, when you feel bored at home to do the workout, you can invite some friends to do the exercise together with you. It will be better to invite friends who have the same hobby and willing to you in a workout. So, it will not make any trouble. Also, you can do a particular workout while playing music. So, it can be a solution when you feel lonely at home.


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