Know Yourself Before Building Muscle After 40


Building Muscle after 40Building muscle after 40 is something that mysterious. But it is possible for those who are over 40 and wish to build their muscle, even from the start. For those who are working on muscle building before, it must be easier. So here the explanation will be for those who are over 40 and wish to start the muscle building program. Some people who are in this age have proven that they can build the muscle. – Please remember that probably this will not be easy and you can’t maximize the result of the exercise. Why is this happen? Because when you are 40 and over, the system of your muscle will be different. The body’s condition isn’t as fit as when you 25. So it will need a different approach.


Know yourself

As we know that it’s possible to make the muscle is getting bigger (although not the biggest one), you will need to make sure that you understand yourself before starting the program. What you need to understand is two things, at least. They are your health and your goals.

You need to understand well the health condition of your body before beginning the building muscle after 40 training. Nowadays, many illnesses and diseases occur for since 40’s. Why is this important to know? This will affect your exercise, of course. The most important thing to know well your health is to make safe muscle building program for you.

Not only the health, but you also need to know what you are against for too. When it turns to 40’s, the metabolism in our body is different too. So, what is not healthy enough to start the program?

There is a way for this building muscle after 40, of course, even if you feel you are less fit. If you feel you are not fit enough to join the program, you can prepare your body two weeks before the program. You can start to eat the healthy meal and some easy cardio or exercise. This will stimulate your body to get used in the bodybuilding activities. Talk to your doctor and the trainer about your conditions so they can decide the best exercise for you.

The second thing is your goal. The older you are, the lower the muscle to work. It means that you can’t make it as bigger as you want. But to make it bigger, it is possible. You should focus on this goal. If necessary, you can specify the goal to strengthen your muscle or make it bigger only. You can focus on both too.

After you find your particular goal, now it turns to focus on your workout. The workout is the head of building a program. Below is the explanation of the workout programs for building muscle after 40.

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The workouts

There are two things will be explained in this section. They are the training and the cardio.
Your training program will be so different than for the younger age. But it doesn’t matter as long as it’s safe and able to change the muscle. So, when you plan to join the program of building muscle after 40, you will need to make a plan for yourself. The plan can be done weekly with 2-3 days exercise. The hardest part is probably about the type of exercise. But you don’t need to worry because below there will be an example for your training program. The example is for three days a week program.

The exercises that you can practice for day one are including smith machine squats (12 reps three sets), barbell curl (8-12 reps three sets), lat pulls down (8-12 reps three sets) and lying leg curl (15 reps two sets). Don’t forget to take a rest up to 3 minutes in each set. The second day is off, so below is the example for the third day.

The recommendation exercises for your third day are including incline dumbbell press, dumbbell side laterals and seated cable row which can be done for three sets of 8-12 reps. The other exercise that can be done in 2 sets of 12 reps are triceps dip machine, machine pearl curl and seated calf raise (15 reps). You can also add the leg press for 5 set of 20 sets.

You will be off for the fourth day. On the fifth day, you will do the training again. You can pick from the first and second training, and then combine it. Your sixth and seventh days are off too. On these rest days, your muscle will work to get bigger. So, regular exercise in building muscle after 40 will make the good progress.

Please notice that before doing the training, you will need to warm up yourself. This is why you need to exercise more easily yourself for at least two weeks before the program. This will prevent the muscle injury. Warm up yourself at least 15 minutes before you start with cardio equipment.

For the cardio, you can try to choose walking or light jogging. Prevent running as it can damage you. Having cardio as the warm-up and your part of daily activities (10 minutes daily) can improve your strength and health.

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Although exercise is the key to building muscle after 40, it will be nothing if you didn’t combine it with healthy meals. You need to plan your daily meals too, just the way you plan the training.
Some examples of your meals are including:

Meal 1: 5 oz of chicken breast and 1 cup of brown rice
Meal 2: 5 egg whites, one whole egg and ¾ cup of oatmeal
Meal 3: 5 oz chicken breast and 2 oz of wheat pasta

You can choose the other menus that can be found easily. Just make sure that your nutrition in your body for daily need and the exercise is balanced. The various menu is needed.



The supplement also can be used in this program. It will help you to stay longer on your training which will help you to gain the bigger and stronger muscle faster. Choose different supplement for your pre and post workouts such as casein, whey, BCAA (branch-chained amino acids) and creatine.
The last thing to notice on this building muscle after 40 program is to keep on track your progress and check your health condition regularly.


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