Find Facts: Does Creatine Help Build Muscle Especially For Men


does creatine help build muscleHow Does Creatine Help Build Muscle for Men?

Creatine is famously known as the top supplement, and it rises the question on how does creatine help build muscle, especially for men. It is scientifically proven that creatine can support the bodybuilders to grow their muscles in a short time. This supplement is also usually used as the basic stacking to help in muscle mass. – Using creatine is not an extreme way to help you in building muscle. But there are some dose rules to take it. This supplement is usually being used for the athletes and professional builders to gain muscle mass in a short time. Below there will be a clear explanation about creatine that able to support bodybuilding goals.



What is creatine?

Creatine is nitrogenous organic acid and made from three amino acids. They are arginine, glycine, and methionine. According to research, skeletal muscle contains up to 95% of all creatine. The rest 5% is in the heart, testes, and brain. The use of creatine can increase the muscle strength, muscle power which leads to increase the size of it.

The way it works also made the people, mostly athletes to use it. It becomes famous with evidence from the survey that conducted in 2000. It said that 60% of the gym/health club members are using creatine as their supplement. The recent survey also reported that those who use creatine are more likely to gain more than 10 pounds than they who don’t use it.

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How does it work?

The most important question of all is how does creatine help build muscle for those who take it. Creatine works in several ways. In a general way, it could be described as the fuel source for the rapid exercise of body building.

The consumption of creation will increase creatine stores that can’t be produced by muscle. If the creatine increase, the fast energy that flows to your muscle will be increasing. This will help you stay longer to work on your muscle.

The stronger you are, the longer you do the workout to gain mass for your muscle. The longer you build your muscle, the bigger that you will get. In another way, creatine also draws more water into your muscles cells. This will help your muscle to grow in the long term.
The recent research found that creatine works to increase the levels of insulin such as grow factor-1. This growth factor can be found in muscle, and it affects the way muscle grow.

Creatine helps anaerobic power. No wonder that it works well for those who are currently building their bodies. It will allow you to have larger and longer work volume so you can maximize the way you do the workout.

The last explanation for the question does creatine help build muscle is that the supplementation will increase phosphocreatine. It will lead to improving the creatine stores in your muscle up to 40%. Through this improvement, maximizing the result of your workout for building the muscle will be easier. Not only for a pre-workout supplement, but this acid also could be your supplement for post-workout stacking.


Benefit of using creatine

Through increasing phosphocreatine and increase anaerobic performance, those who take creatine as the supplement will get many benefits. Some of the benefits are explained below.

One of the benefits that you will get can be seen from the explanation of does creatine help build muscle above. One of the things that could be helped by the creatine is muscular endurance. From the way creatine works in our muscle, it is definitely will help the endurance of our muscle. Not only help the muscle with it, but it will also help to improve the maximal strength. It is known that it measured as 1 RM bench press.

The benefit that hasn’t been mentioned above is it related to fat. According to scientific research, taking creatine can increase the fat-free mass. It means that you will able to lessen your fat in your body by turning it into energy. In other words, creatine can help you to lose fat. Through gaining the muscle mass, creatine becomes indirect fat burner. The work is simple; creatine improves the way you work out which automatically needs more calories. Fat is one of the calories sources. Creatine will indirectly burn your fat to add more energy while you are taking the exercise for body building.

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How to use it?

The best creatine that you should take is the creatine that in the form of creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl ester and creatine malate. Take about 2-4 grams of them and combine with your protein shake. It is better to take it before you start your workout. You can also take creatine for your pre-workout stacking. For daily use, never take more than 6 grams.

The addition answer for the question on does creatine help build muscle is about to make it efficient. To maximize the effect that able to help your building muscle goals, you can retake it for about 2-5 grams as your post-workout supplement. Take it with your post-workout shake; it will help you to supply the power and recover the energy.

You can also take creatine if you don’t do a workout on a particular day. Since workout needs some days off, there is a rule about it to take creatine. Take it no more than 5 grams with breakfast. Preferably take it with breakfast that contains carbohydrate.

Creatine also can be used as the supplement of extreme stacking to build muscle. For those who are already in shape and highly trained, they can take one scoop a day of creatine with other supplements. To try this, you will need to consult with the professional bodybuilder or special doctor.

Since the use of creatine hasn’t recorded any dangerous side effects, many doctors and researcher agree to say that creatine is safe. It doesn’t even cause a cramp. If you like the safety on does creatine help build muscle, it is also safe and helps for trained teenagers and women with some guidances.



The Creatine Works In Our Body

One of the famous things in bodybuilding is the way creatine works that will benefit the individual who consumes it. It is a not a big secret anymore that many people use creatine to help body building. Even some famous athletes use it as their primary supplement. Creatine is one of the protein supplements that will help in building muscle. It will help in several ways. The man or woman could take the creatine itself, but with a different dose. The explanations of those things are below.


Does Creatine Make You Bigger?

It is a fact that creatine can make the muscle getting big. Not only bigger, but creatine also works to make you stronger. The Creatine supports the more significant muscle through regular exercise and well-managed creatine consumption. So creatine is related to the exercise or work out that taken by the individual

Taking creatine about 30 minutes before doing work out will give you the power and strength to keep doing the exercise. The more and longer exercise that you do, you will get the bigger muscle. Some creatine also could be taken as stacking supplement for post-work out to recover the fiber muscle. It will prevent the damage thing that could happen to your muscle. If it took before and after the workout, you could get the greater result. Not only bigger, but it’s stronger and healthier.

Some people also try to take the creatine before bed or at their dinner. It will work to support the muscle cells to generate themselves, which is the process of the muscle that gets bigger. It is right that the muscle will get bigger when you are sleep or take a rest.

It is also safe to take creatine daily. You can even get 5 up to 15 pounds of lean muscle just by taking creatine. It is said by one of the president of the fitness service that creatine is a turbo charger that will give the power and strength for the production in high intensity.

Creatine works in our bodies not only to support the muscle to be bigger but also offer some benefits. It increases cellular hydration, give the muscle a fuller appearance and also boost the energy. In the other hands, creatine increase the performance and endurance of your muscle. All of those benefits also contribute much to make your muscle bigger.

So here are the simple words of the creatine in several sentences. Taking creatine before work out will give more power to exercise longer. The longer you can do the exercise, the more reps and set that you can do. The more work out you can handle, the bigger muscle that you will get.

The good thing is also that creatine gives the right effect for the individual who takes it. An expert in body building supplements said that creatine gives minor effect and the case is rarely found. Minor effects are including diarrhea, nausea, and cramping. But it rarely happens if the way using it is right. There are some rules to take it. Even other experts say that it will never hurt if you do what creatine should be done, such as drinking more water. Creatine itself has a particular dose to be consumed. About this thing, you’d better consult with your doctor.

So basically, creatine works to help you create a bigger muscle and make you powerful. The other additional benefits also the right things that will make our body better.


What Does Creatine Do To A Woman’s Body?

Creatine does the same to a woman, but with more additional things that are different things that happen compared to a man.

It is found that women who take creatine experience to have more energy. So they can do the workout longer than they used to be. It means that they can also build their muscle because creatine works well for them. The thing is that the dose is different. They also said that creatine could help them to reduce the fatigue and muscle soreness. It is the same that usually men felt after taking the creatine.

For the woman’s body, how the Creatine works are almost the same with the man. But probably it has some different things, according to science. Besides, a woman takes the different dose that less than the one that man consumes. By consuming it, the woman can do the longer exercise because the supply of the power that requires by the muscle exists.

Although it’s probably difficult for a woman to build muscle at the beginning, creatine does help them when they use it after regularly exercising for some time. Some of the women that focus on building their muscles and using this protein supplement are likely to have more energy and ability to increase the performances.

But according to science, although creatine works almost the same for the woman there is still a difference. Creatine will not work maximum in woman’s body. This is because a woman doesn’t have enough testosterone to accomplish the physic goals naturally. But although they don’t have enough testosterones they will be still able always to improve their muscle. The fact is that there are so many women out there that successfully made their muscle bigger.

For most women that take creatine, they will also feel that it improves their endurance during sport, the benefit to give the power and strength during the training and improve the recovery way. Those are such the general benefit of the creatine, but it also works for the women that use it.

The international journal published a research result that creatine is the most effective nutritional supplement that used by the athletes and body builders. It will increase the way they work out intensity to be high as they can and increase the muscle mass from inside your body. The great thing about this is that it’s applicable for the male and females. It means that scientifically creatine works for both man and woman, with a just slight difference because of the difference of body’s structure.



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