Effective Workouts to Build Lean Muscle For Everyone


Workouts to Build Lean MuscleWorkouts to build lean muscle must be a great way for anyone especially men who want to have such a big and lean muscle. To do the workout, usually, you need to go to the gym because there is much important equipment to use by you to do workouts. However, if you do have such equipment such as barbell or dumbbell, you can do the workouts at home.


eBuildMuscle.com – Even if you do workouts to build lean muscle, you may not reach your goal to have big, lean body. This is because of some reasons including how often you do the workouts. If you do not do the workouts regularly, you might fail in having lean mass muscle. There are many great workouts which may be effective to build lean muscle. Let’s see what they are.


Kinds of workouts to build lean muscle

Again, workouts to build lean muscle might make your plan to build mass muscle works successfully. However, it needs time for at least one month to see the difference in your body. Also, during the workouts, you need to change your habit of eating foods such as avoiding the junk foods. Consuming vitamin and vegetarian foods are also good to do.

When you look for the info about workouts to build lean muscle, you might find it divided into several kinds. The most famous types of workouts have to be bench press, chin-up, squat, triceps dip, etc. Here will be explained more about those kinds of well-known workouts.

  • Bench press. If you want to rebuild your upper body to be stronger and bigger, you must do some workouts. The bench press is one of the workouts to train your upper body. To do this exercise, you need to lie on a flat bench while holding the barbell with your hands wider than the shoulder width. After that, brace your core and lower the bar towards your chest. Do it again by pressing it back up.
  • Squat. If the bench press is for training your upper body, the squat is for the whole body. Stand straight with a bar across the back of your shoulder. Then, squat down as you keep your chest up and core braced. Do it as the deep as it is possible. Drive back up through your heels to start again. Perform this variation at least two days a week with 1-minute resting. Aim for 12 repetitions per set. You need to do this kind of workout for five sets.
  • Lateral raise. This kind of workout may be the easiest one. To do the lateral raise, you have to stand tall while holding a light dumbbell each in both of your hands. Do not forget to keep your chest up and a bend in your elbows so that you will be able to raise the weights to the sides till they reach your shoulder height. Lateral raise is done in set 2 with the one-minute resting time.
  • Plank-Ups. Let you combine the plank and the push-up into one move called plank-ups. Plank-ups may be a very effective workout to make your muscles lean and strong since it could blast your abdominal and chest muscles. Moreover, this workout also works well to make your shoulders wider. To start with, let you prepare for a push-up position with your legs stretched out behind you and your hands directly under your shoulders. After that, lower yourself down to the forearm plank position. Then, reverse your movement by returning your arms to the fully extended position.

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Other suggested workouts to build lean muscle

As in the previous explanation has been shown about many workouts to build lean muscle, you might also try other workouts. These workouts which will be discussed will offer several advantages to you because they price less expensive. Also, you do not need the gym instructor or the equipment to do the workouts.

The workouts which are going to discuss are also perfect for not only men but also girls out there who want to grow the muscle. Well, let’s start discussing the other workouts to build lean muscle which is pretty recommended by the expert in these following points.

  1. Push-ups.
    Push-ups must be one of the best workouts to do because it will require several muscle groups to do this exercise. Push-ups are kind of a recommended lean muscle exercise which best hits your chest and of course, arms. People love doing push-ups because they are easy and flexible. It means you can do this type of workouts anytime and anywhere you go. When you would like to do push-ups, you need to do it on a firm surface to support you.
  2. The decline push-up.
    Push-ups have many other varieties including the decline push-up. The decline push-up is a little bit different from the usual one. It’s hard when it’s done. The difficulty you might find is when you start placing your feet on a higher place than your hands. The higher your chair, box or bench you are going to use, the more complicated and intense the movement will become. However, this workout works better to build your muscle.
  3. Diamond push-ups.
    Talking about the other difficult variations of push-ups except for the decline push-up, diamond push-ups have to be the answer. To do the diamond push-up, you need to place your hands close together until you can feel your thumbs and your index fingers touch. This position might look like forming a “diamond” shape. To be able to do this kind of workout must have strong triceps, though.
  4. The push-up hold.
    Talking about the isometric exercise, the push-up hold should be one of it. This workout is for building the muscle on your chest, shoulders, arms, and core. This exercise might be the most difficult type of push-up since you have to hold the push-up position, lowered down, for a long time.

Finally, workouts to build lean muscle might be an effective way to grow your muscle despite going to the gym. If you do the workouts regularly, you might get your aim of having the strong, lean muscle.

Well, that’s all about workouts to build lean muscle which might be useful information for anyone especially those who need the reference to grow their muscle.

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