The Great Way to Keep Building Muscle Strong and Lean


Building MuscleBuilding muscle has to be the interesting topic for they who want to keep the muscle strong and lean. It is hard to build such a mass muscle, but as you work hard, it might work. However, every person must have different progress and result, especially between men and women. This happens because men do have testosterone hormone while women do not. – Not all people could keep building muscle, you believe this, but only the healthy ones can do it. This is because to build lean muscles must do some exercises and workouts such as push-ups, lifting up the weights including the barbell, the dumbbell, etc. Well, of course, if you are sick but still do the workouts, you will become even sicker than before.


The ways for building muscles

Exactly, building muscle might not be a big deal for men, especially athletes, rather than women. This is because men are warriors who are stronger because they have a great physical condition. That is why men should have a great shape of the body. However, in this recent era, they tend to be lazy and do nothing except watching TV. Therefore, they become fat.

Also, eating such junk foods including pizza, hamburger might affect your body. If you intend to keep building muscle, you must avoid junk foods and try to do something healthy and useful for yourself. So, what are ways for building lean muscles even though you have been already forty? Let’s check it out below!

Start with the diet. Focus on the carbohydrates you consume per day because it plays an important role in gaining your lean. However, make sure you eat enough food since it is also impossible to build muscle without having enough food. Then, let you avoid consuming fast foods because they are not healthy and useless. Try to avoid drinking alcohol or soda since it is too much sweet and can affect the testosterone hormone.

Train on the weekends or at lunch. If you have a free time during your lunch break, let you think of training yourself by stepping the stairs. On weekends, you might be able to spend even more time to do exercises including playing football, running. It is okay to go to the gym if you want to. At least, you have to exercise your self regularly for 45-minutes.

Do not lift your age. Some people who are already forty but want to gain such big muscle sometimes think that they need to limit doing the workouts and avoid some specific exercises due to their age. Well, this is the wrong mindset. Let you do workouts like when you were in your 25s. There is no reason to give up because there are also some 40s men are lifting harder than you.

Stretch and take care of your muscles. As you get old, the injuries might be a little bit frequent happens. Therefore, be sure to keep your body especially shoulders and your elbows since they are the areas which mostly get damaged. There is no need to be worried about doing heavy exercises even you are old. You just need to make sure you do stretch for 15 to 20 minutes after every workout for sure.


Tips to do to keep building muscle

If you would like to keep building muscle, you might try to do things which have been explained in the previous explanation. It is okay to do workouts and exercises without equipment if you do not have. You can just choose the easy way to exercise yourself by doing things like walking, doing a marathon, doing squat jumps, etc.

Well, if you search the info about building muscle, you must find many tips which you have to pay attention to. Then, in this following points, there will be explained about those tips in specific detail. Let’s see them below!

  • Consume supplements.
    If it is possible, you need to consume the supplements regularly. Supplements are right not only to keep you healthy but also to build muscles for both men and women. There are many best supplements sold in any market including BA, whey protein, creatine, BCAA, weight gainer, Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate, etc. However, creatine is the most popular one because it functions well and it does price less expensive than others.
  • Blast and cruise.
    Well, even though doing exercises and workouts are good, you need not overdo it. You need to think about your body, too. This is because your body is not a machine. Remember? A human’s body needs a rest, too. Let you do a “cruise” week, which is also known as ‘deload’ by people, for every three to nine weeks of your hard training. When you are in the ‘deload’ time, you might also do light exercises if you want.
  • Do cardio.
    It is true and cannot be denied that most of the women do the cardio to lose weight. However, cardio is also good to build some muscles since it is kind of activity which works better for your metabolism. By doing cardio, you will get surprised by seeing your fat disappears. Even though cardio is good to do, you are not allowed to overdo it. Just do the cardio once a week for 20 to 30 minutes per session.
  • Patience.
    All people who have been joining the training to exercise their muscles are not all patient enough so that they give up. Well, you need to know that gaining the muscle needs time for about a week to three weeks; it will depend on the people themselves. Therefore, if you would like to be successful in aiming the mass muscle, you need to keep patient. If you just become impatient, surely you will fail.

Finally, building muscle might be easy and possible to do even though you have been that old. As you do the things and tips mentioned before, everything will work well. However, again, you need to be patient enough to see the progress since each person must have the different result.
Well, that’s all about building muscle which might be a useful reference for anyone especially those who wants to grow their muscle still.


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