Here are the Top 5 of Best Supplements to Build Muscle


If you are currently Best Supplement To Build Musclebuilding your muscle, you should know the information about the best supplement to build muscle that will help you. Why is it important to know about this supplement?

–0– – There are several reasons as the answer to this question. First, by knowing the best supplement, you will be able to choose and manage your daily activities that will work for your muscle. Second, this supplement will maximize your muscle growth if you use it properly. Third, by consuming the best supplement, you will see the result of your bigger muscle sooner than if you don’t consume it.

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So now, you must be asking about the best one. In building muscle world, there are top five best supplements to build muscle that will work well for you. So what are they? Below is the information about it.

  1. Creatine
    Creatine is well-known as the best supplement for those who are currently on building muscle program. This supplement is made from three amino acids; they are arginine, methionine, and glycine. Creatine is a natural chemical substance in our cells, which mainly can be found in the muscle cells. The new fact reveals that 95% of our body’s creatine can be found in skeletal muscle tissue.
    Creatine works by increasing the amount of energy in your muscle so you can be more productive to increase the exercises. If you can increase the performance of exercise, you will gain muscle weight faster. According to the research that anecdotally published, men who consume creatine regularly can increase 10 pounds or more compared for those who don’t consume it.
    This supplement also has more than one benefit to help increase the energy only. On the other side, creatine would be able to muscle cell volume, makes post-workout recovery going faster, and the promotion of lean body mass which will benefit you in the long term. This best supplement to build muscle will also increase the glycogen storage. Glycogen is the second energy storage.
    To maximize your workout performance and the effect of creatine, take it around 5-10 grams daily with your pre-workout meal and also with your post workout shake. With regular use, you will be able to see the result only in few weeks. Creatine is also taken by the athlete to increase the performance dramatically.
  2. Beta Alanine
    Beta-alanine can be found in our body. This chemical substance is combined with another amino acids called histidine which will produce and increase the amount of carnosine. The more carnosine that one consumes, the strength and endurance will increase too. Only by four weeks of consuming beta alanine, the carnosine will increase by 60 %. This is a high amount of carnosine that will make your endurance great. With regular exercise, the result of taking beta-alanine can be seen only in few weeks.
    Additional functions and benefits of this best supplement to build muscle is to improve force output, delayed fatigue, and tiredness, and elevate the endurance. The good thing is that it will work synergistically with the creatine.
    Take beta alanine 2-4 grams daily before and after a workout to maximize the result. You can take it as part of your shake and combine it with creatine.
  3. Whey protein
    Whey protein is the best supplement to build muscle lists. Why is it on this list? It is because whey is crucial to push the protein in your body, which will affect the muscle to be bigger. Whey is known as milk protein that has branched-chain amino acids at a high intensity and level. The good thing of this supplement is it digests fast which makes your muscle to be able to start building new muscle cells. This protein also contains peptides which have a function to increase the blood to flow in your muscle.
    As the usage recommendation, whey should be consumed after a workout or exercise immediately. But for the general usage, take around 20 grams of whey 30 minutes before workout and after a workout. The shake is ideal for the post workout.
    The primary function of whey is to improve muscle repair. But it has other benefits such as to improve the metabolism and also as the main actor to assist protein synthesis. With all the benefits that one can get, no wonder that weight trainers and athletes also use this best supplement to build muscle.
  4. Branched-chain amino Acid
    In the weight gain worlds, branched-chain amino acid is also known as BCAA. The main function is to improve the workout result that can be seen in few days and weeks, depends on one uses it. Bcaa refers to three types of amino acids. They are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The three are important in building muscle tissues and repair the muscle cells. Although leucine is known as the most crucial element, the combination of three is the best to affect the muscle.
    The main benefit of taking BCAA is to help to recover the muscle after a workout. This supplement is also proven to improve the endurance by keeping the muscle fueled. It also works well for long exercise such as swimming and running in a long distance.
    The dosage of using it is recommended to take around 5 grams before workout and after the workout.
  5. Casein
    This one of the best supplement to build muscle is on the last list. Casein is known as one of the milk protein. The benefit of taking this is to boost the protein synthesis on the muscle, just like the whey does. This makes the whey and casein become the best combination of shake for post workout. This will increase the muscle growth and gives better effects than protein alone. To take it correctly and get the maximum effects one should take around 30 grams of casein before going bed. For the post-workout shake, it’s recommended to take around 20 grams to your whey protein. For the usage shake between meals, it’s recommended to take around 30 grams only.

Although they can improve and makes you gain your muscle building purpose, you should be aware that regular training and exercise, good food and proper time of sleeping also affect the result of taking them all. It means that you should notice other things while consuming that best supplement to build muscle to get the best result.

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