How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle For Men and Women


how long does it take to build muscleHow Long Does It Take To Build Muscle For Sure?

How long does it take to build muscle? This question always becomes the keyword searched by both men and women who want to know the progress of the building muscle’s progress. It is hard to answer such this question since every person must have different result and progress, in particular between men and women. This is because men tend to have much androgenic hormone like testosterone, a hormone that is responsible for muscle growth while women do not. – When you look for the information about how long it take to build muscle on the internet, you must find the article on the website told that it needs about weeks to several months to build it. However, again, there is no such an exact answer for this question because it will depend on the person’s habit, condition, and activity.


How long does it take to build muscle for women?

All people who are about to build the muscle must wonder of the time will take to build muscle. Therefore, the begin look for the detailed info about it by asking the trainers, well-built people or even by online.

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How long the time to build muscle has to be a favorite question among women who hope to put on the muscle. It is true that you can grow muscle fast; in each three months; there will be the significant changes in case that you notice some things on this following point.

  1. Start thinking a good plan.
    If you want to be successful in building the muscle, it is a must for you to start with a good plan including considering the workout program. Do not think that by exercising to the gym only will give you a real result because most of the trainers at the gym also have been training themselves for years. Try exercise program such as side jump, push-up, squad, etc.; you need to spend countless hours doing those activities. You might get frustrated, but you must not give up building curves.
  2. Be consistent.
    If you have made the schedule for your workouts, you need to be consistent. You have to visit the gym often. Most the people get the difficulty to put on muscle because they are lazy to do their workout program. Do the rule frequently; it might take only more than the regular three days a week workout to increase lean mass.
  3. Eat well and often.
    If you are afraid of having eaten many foods because you are on a diet, then, it will be a problem. Eating is the most critical part to gain the lean mass. Make sure to eat lots of food. Of course, the foods here are the healthy ones. Avoid junk foods or fast foods. You need to consume lots of good carbs, protein, and calories.
  4. Use supplements.
    If it is necessary, you may use the supplements. There are many types of supplement sold in the market, but BCAAs and EEAs are the qualified ones because they contain protein and creatine phosphate which may good for all women who are trying to build muscle; these supplements can even complement a healthy diet for anyone.
  5. Lift heavy often.
    Putting on muscle has to require some heavy lifting. Well, you cannot put on muscle just by working out with your body weight. Let you challenge your self by keeping track of the weights you are lifting on each exercise and try to increase it by 5% every couple of weeks. Increasing your weight allows your muscles to adapt to the new load which relates to the growth.
  6. Don’t overdo the cardio.
    Most of the women do not realize that spending many hours on cardio machines and ignore the strength training. If you overdo the cardio, you might get the muscle you want in an extended period because the cardio is an act to gain the weight loss. Weight lifting and strength training are the important keys to put on the lean mass. You have to spend much time learning to lift and exercise consistently.

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Additional info about building muscle

Again, the question of how long does it take to build muscle is kind of difficult to answer. Not only the gender but the equipment used will also affect the person to gain the muscle. People who use supported equipment must be fast in building the muscle. Having no equipment is not your excuse to give up because if you are motivated, you still can do the workout course.

Instead of knowing the information about the time to build muscle, it is necessary for you to search for the info about building muscle since it must be important for you. If you are a beginner, you need to gain much info so that you could maximize your muscle’s growth. Here the additional info about building the muscle will be explained below.

  1. Recovery.
    Even though doing exercises is suggested by the expert to all people especially those who want to gain the muscle’s growth, the recovery is also important to notice. You need to give your body the time to rest. At least, you have to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Keep away the stress and anxiety and keeping stress and anxiety since these two factors may inhibit the growth of muscle.
  2. Diet.
    It is okay if you would like to go on a diet while you are in the process of putting on the muscle. However, you need to pay attention to the diet you do. Do not avoid eating protein such as eggs, chickens, and whole grains because it is worth to gain the muscle. Do not forget to consume the fruits, vegetables, and also the vitamins.
  3. The workout exercise.
    It has been explained before that you have to do the workout exercise. However, you need to make it different. You could work out your back, lower body, and biceps for two days a week such as on Monday and Thursday while on the other two days, on Tuesday and Friday, for instance, you may exercise your triceps, chest, and shoulders.
  4. Inner thigh attitude pulse.
    While standing on the left leg, lift your right leg off the ground and bend the knee; turn knee outward and bring the heel up towards the ceiling. Bring the right leg across the front of the body and past the left leg. Then, lower your right leg so that you can lift up as high as you can with heel up.
  5. Patience.
    Being patient is an excellent value. Gaining the muscle’s growth must need a long time. Therefore, if you would like to be successful in putting on the muscle, you need to keep patient. If you just become impatient, it is clear that you will fail.

Finally, that is all about how long does it take to build muscle. Hopefully, it might be useful to anyone especially those people who are searching for this information about the time of building the muscle.


Build Muscle in Arms and Legs

Many people that want to build their muscle should consider about the build muscle time. They usually ask about how long it takes to build the muscle in arms and legs, even in their chests. It is a simple question, but the answer should be long.

Most people are mainly focusing on their arms and legs as their priority, so the questions also usually addressed in these part. The time it takes to build muscle in arms and legs are different and need some explanation. But every exercise to build muscle in these two parts will result and can be seen. Below are the explanations.


How long does it take to build muscle in arms?

When people ask about how long it takes to build muscle in arms, it is a question that asks about going to visit the New York from California. It means that it depends on how you manage it well. As an example, it can be short if taken by plane but expensive. It has same meanings that you will have build muscle time in a short time if you push with extra help that need some effort and money.

The real answer to this question depends on the effort and the extra supportive things. Don’t think that build muscle is only about exercise. On the other hand, your body itself also affects the way your exercise work to your body. The good news is that building muscle in your arms will take a shorter time than in your legs. Many people experienced this thing because the muscle arms can be managed easier than the one in the leg.

Don’t you know that you can build you’re your muscle arms in just a week or even years? It depends on everyone’s purpose. Some people can do more than just a year, but some only do for up to 6 months only. An average person is only doing the exercise for up to 6 months and give up. So those who are a success in building their muscle arms are the one that takes long term in the gym and keeps practicing the exercises. Besides, there are also additional things that they do to support their muscle goal.

An average man will gain 1-2lbs in two months for the arms with regular exercise. That sounds so unbelievable, but that’s true. Some people probably gain more because their body supports the working and the way they eat is great. Remember that exercise is the main thing, but not affect all the muscle building things.

To build the muscle in arms, you need to commit to yourself to at least take the exercise at least six months. During the first six months, you can see the result of your bigger muscle in your arms. The result itself also vary on the individual.

In your first year, you are probably could gain 20 lbs with organized exercises and well-managed nutrition consumptions. But in the second year, it’s going to be slower. It means that if you keep working in your second year, you will only add 10 lbs. This is because the body isn’t able to support much. But if you keep practicing, you will get your arms bigger and stronger.

Some people that use a protein supplement and able to work longer can gain more each year because they practice it more than they use to do. But still, it will take a month until years to see the result. It will also be different if you have specific aims. For example, your aim is to be added 40 lbs only. That means that you will need only four years or 5 years to do it.

So basically, the aim of the muscle that you will get is the one that affects the answer of build muscle time.


How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle In Legs?

Building muscle in legs is way harder than the arms. But the regular exercise will work to make it bigger and stronger. Just like the explanation above, it needs time and depends on your goal. It will take longer time than the arms.

You may get bigger muscle as your goal in only a year or two years. But to see the result of the muscle in your legs, you will need more than just six months. Commit at least eight months to shape your legs. If you commit at least six months for your arms, the commitments for the legs take more times.

Not all people can commit to doing this. They usually stop in the second month or before the 8th month. The harder they exercise is the reason they give up so early. If we analyze, the muscle will get the power and strength when the regular exercise is in the second month. So if you are about to begin or has passed your first month, keep doing it. Each month is a different stage of the muscle works.

If the muscle arms take about a year to gain 20 lbs, the ones in the legs take different time. Just in a year, probably it’s about 15 lbs that gained by the legs. Although for some people it becomes a hard reality, the fact it’s a big number for the legs improvement. Also according to the explanation before, you can gain more if you notice your nutrition.

So the real answer to the question about build muscle time depends on your goal. You can see the result in the 8th months. But if your goal is to gain more 30 lbs, you will need about two or three years to gain it. After years, you can gain more lbs with support from the protein supplements. It usually works after the muscle has shaped. The strength you are, the longer you are exercise. It also means that you will get bigger muscle.

As the conclusion, the answer is back to yourself and the goal. But the general time as part of the build muscle time explanation will be at least one or two years.


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