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how much protein do I need to build muscleHow To Know How Much Protein Do I Need To Build Muscle

For people who want to gain the muscle’s mass might be wondering how much protein do I need to build muscle. You will find the answer in this article. We will explain all about protein concerning your diet and muscle gain. But, before going far into the core, we need a little bit information about the protein itself.


What Is Protein?

Protein is one of the food nutrients your body needs in large amounts. It is an essential for the human body, along with carbohydrates. It is made of amino acids. There are many kinds of amino acids you can find in nature, but there’s only 22 of them that utilizes in the body of a human. The body can produce all those 22 amino acids except 9 of them. You need to get those nine amino acids by consuming food. Thos 9 amino acids are called as the essential ones.

You can get the essential amino acids in meat, eggs, and dairy. All of them contains the essential ones. Foods like grains, beans, soy, and nuts are rich in only some acids by lacking others. Do, you need to balance what you eat. Besides, in this article, you will find out how much protein do I need to build muscle?

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What Does Protein Do?

The primary duty of protein is to build and maintain tissue. That is why it becomes the major building block of the human body. Periods of growth needs more protein to occur. So, for children, infant, and pregnant women, they need more protein than average people. Besides, more protein is also needed by people with injuries, people who had surgery, and active people who are breaking down muscle consistently in exercise.

The amount of protein is not as important as how the intake of protein is spread out over in a day. At breakfast, most people consume a few amount of protein. At lunch, they consume a moderate amount. At dinner, a significant amount of protein is consumed.


How Much Protein Do You Need Per Day?

Before answering about how much protein do I need to build muscle? You may need to know the amount of protein you need per day. There is a certain protein amount you can aim for to convince you to get the right amount of protein you need for your muscle generation and recovery. The amount can be varied based on the body size and the activeness of the person.

The protein’s RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) is 0.8 grams per body weight’s kilogram daily. It is not the maximum; it’s the minimum amount of protein your body needs to meet the nutritional requirements. That’s for an average people; it’s not the same with non-normal people such as endurance athletes. They will need 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight. For Power athletes, they need 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight. That means you will need more protein when you are more physically active.

For preventing muscle loss, some experts recommend about 2 grams of protein per kilograms of the body weight. It’s for the athletes who want to lose some weight but do not want to lose the muscle mass. To support that effort, the athletes need to reduce the number of calories consumed. From here, you might get a picture of how much protein do I need to build muscle?

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Protein To Build Muscle

The big question is not how much protein do I need to build muscle, but why your body needs protein to build muscle? Let’s explain it. As told above that protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks. There are a lot of types of proteins in the body. The protein that can build muscle mass is called muscle proteins. This kind of protein requires a variety of amino acids. Some of the amino acids you will get from food.

If you have a problem building your muscle, the problem might be because you eat too little grams of protein per day. It makes your body deficient in amino acids which are needed to repair and build muscle. That’s why the growth of muscle becomes impaired.

If you do exercise, your body needs a lot of amino acids to give damaged muscle fibers a reparation. It depends on your exercise; your muscle will grow larger. Even, if you do not exercise your body still needs protein from outside.

If you still asked how much protein do, I need to build muscle? The professional bodybuilders and experts would say 2 grams per pound of body weight. Starting your building muscle program is important. It’s not entirely true; some people have problems building muscle just by eating more protein. You do not need to eat huge amounts of protein to build muscle efficiently.

We suggest, if you want to maximize your muscle growth, you need to do a high-protein diet. It doesn’t mean that you have to choke down pounds of meat and protein powder’s cups per day. So, how much protein do I need to build muscle for sure? The answer is still 2 grams per kilograms of body weight. It can be less 1.4 to 1.8.


Three Important Factors About Protein

1. Some forms of protein are better for the body’s utilization than others
2. Any kinds of protein have different amounts of the essential amino acids that your body needs.
3. Different protein forms have different speed at digestion.


What Protein Supplement To Choose?

If you want to get an easy protein from a pills or drinks, you might want to consume a protein supplement. The supplement is for you who are not getting the protein amount your body needs based on the activity level of yours. A protein shake could be a simple solution to your supplement. The protein is not only a simple drink but also it tastes perfect. You need to take it in 2 servings for before and after workouts.

After all, you already find out about how much protein do I need to build muscle. Hopefully, that information would be useful to support your effort of building your muscle. Good Luck!



Measuring Protein To Build Muscle

It is important to measure how much protein to build muscle since protein is an important part of building muscle. Protein plays a major role in this term to help in making the muscle bigger, so the daily protein intake should be measured well. Sometimes you need a calculator to measure the protein that you need. The needed protein for male and female in the term of muscle building is different. Here are the explanations.


How Much Protein Do I Need To Build Muscle Calculator

Surprisingly, the amount of protein that everyone needed is different. If you use a calculator to understand your need of protein, you will be asked to fill the body weight. Also according to research, to measure the protein to build muscle you should consider your weight first. In these cases, we found out that body weight is the primary factor to measure the right protein for you. But nowadays, it’s easy to measure to protein intake depends on every pound of your weight.

Not only the weight, but there is also another factor that will affect the daily protein intake. It is your goal. It means that your specific goal on muscle building will affect the way you take protein. The amount of protein, if you don’t have any specific goal, will be lower enough compared if you have specific goals such as improving muscle strength and losing fat.

Here are the lists of recommendations the amount of protein depends on the goals.

  1. If you are an average person that doesn’t take any workout, doesn’t have any goals or doesn’t tend to build a muscle, you will be recommended to take the minimum amount of protein intake. Even if you are not aiming to build muscle, you will still need to take protein. Your body needs some amount of protein daily to improve or keep your body healthy. In this condition, the amount of daily protein intake is about 0.5 up to 0.7 grams per pound of your weight body.
  2. For the situation that is currently doing regular exercise or to improve their muscle, this condition will suggest the minimum protein amount for body building. If you are in this condition, then the recommendation for your protein intake is about 0.8 up to 1 grams protein per pound of body weight. This amount of protein to build muscle is for male or female. But the particular protein for female will be described in another section.
  3. For a healthy male adult that has a goal in building muscle, getting toned and also wishing to lose fat, the amount of protein in above 1 gram. The recommendation to take daily protein is 1 gram up to 1.5 grams per pound of your weight. If you are also aiming for strength improvement and improving performance, this is the best recommendation for you.

You can now try to calculate it. As an example, if 180 lbs man wishes to improve their strength on body building because already exercise daily, just multiply it by the amount of protein per pound. The man needs the protein one up to 1.5 grams. Then multiply the 180 by 1-1.5 grams. The amount of protein that he should take is in the range 180 – 270 grams.


How Much Protein To Build Muscle For Female

Calculating protein for a female is different. It is lower than the amount for the man. As you can see, you can follow the first and second instruction above. They are applicable for the male and female as well. But especially for gaining muscle and strength improvement, there is a bit different.

For a female that is currently aiming for building muscle, improve the performance and strength, it is a bit lower than the male with the same purpose. In this case, you are recommended to take 1 – 1.2 grams only per pound of your body.

If you are a woman, in this case, you can try to calculate your protein needs. As an example, you have body weight 130 lbs with that goal. So to measure it, just multiply 130 by 1- 1.2 grams. You will get the result about 130-156 grams protein for daily intake.

But there is exceptional for those who are overweight. If overweight people use the weight to get the protein intake, the protein that measured will be overestimated. In this case, the weight that should be measured is the body aim weight. If a man has 300 lbs and has a goal to reach 200 lbs, then use 200 for the measurement.

As an example, in this case, a 300 lbs guy wants to lose weight to 200 lbs and has a goal to build muscle with regular exercise. So the measurement is multiplied the 200 lbs by 1-1.5 grams. The man will get about 200 up to 300 grams of protein daily. That’s the number for the protein that overweight people should take.

This is also applicable for overweight female. To get the result of protein for daily intake, just multiply the target weight by the amount of recommendation per pound. But it is rarely that woman overweight in this term.

The source of protein can be found in the food too. You need some food that rich in protein to build muscle. Some examples of food that contain high protein are skinless chicken, skinless turkey, fish (salmon and tuna are the highest), leaner cut beef, white egg, whole egg, beans, nuts, and cheese. To fulfill your daily protein need, you can also take a protein supplement. Some of the protein supplements are including whey, casein, and creatine. These supplements usually formed in protein powder.

Please also notice that these foods listed above are the good primary source to fulfill the daily protein intake. Plan to vary the source of protein in every meal time. For example, try tuna or salmon for your breakfast. Then take some protein supplements during your workout time. Try beef for your dinner with some protein powder before bed. It is important to have some protein to build muscle before bed to improve your muscle strength.



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