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muscle building workout planGuide to Make Muscle Building Workout Plan

If you want to work on body building, you should manage your own muscle building workout plan. The plan is necessary to make your commitment to do the workout. Without regular workout, you will never get the bigger muscle as you want.


eBuildMuscle.com – As a beginner, you will need more information to start your first workout plan. To create your plan, you will also need some basic guidance to work on it. You should remember that making your muscle grow will need a time and efforts. First of all, you should make your schedule and the type of workouts that you should do.


Create your schedule

Creating your schedule is the first thing that you should do. A plan without timing is nothing, so in the workout plan. The best schedule plan is to do it weekly for a few months ahead. There are two best recommendations to do your weekly plan. Start the workout from Monday is recommended because of it easier to be noted.

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The first recommended schedule is four days version. This 4-day version means that you will have four workout days in a week. You have to practice upper body workout for the first day and practice lower body workout for the second day. And then take a day off on the third day.
Taking rest is important because when you take a rest, your muscle will grow. After one day off, do the upper body and lower body workout again in the two following days. This muscle building workout plan will end up with two days off.

This 4-day version has recommended as it defined as the ideal frequency to build muscle mass at an optimal rate. It also has proven working for the beginner. But you can also start this version from any day but Monday as long as the concept is same.

The second recommendation is three days version. In this version, you will have three workout days only. To make this, you can start to do lower body workout on the first day. The second day is an off day. Do the upper body on the third day and followed with one day off. On the 5th day, you can do lower body workout again. Your two remaining days will become your off days.

This three days version of muscle building workout plan is suitable for the beginner because it is not as harder as the previous version. On the other hand, you can also change the workout type arrangement.

Exchange the first day to be your upper body workout and the rest of the workout days for your next week plan. This is the most common workout plan, and the slight frequency is optimal for the real beginner. Keep it as the arrangement day if you want to start in other days but Monday.

If you are a beginner, try to choose one of those two options. It doesn’t matter if you choose the 4 or 3 days version. The key to achieving the muscle building goal isn’t only at the time, but also the kind of exercises that you choose.

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Select your workouts

There are two types of workout; it is the upper body and the lower body workout. Those have been mentioned above as part of your workout day. Each of them has different exercises that focus on the particular body. Below are the lists of the exercises for each type.

For upper body exercises, there are some choices come from bench press, dumbbell press, and some triceps work. You can do a bench press to start your first day of muscle building workout plan by taking three sets with 6-8 reps and about 3 minutes rest between sets. For the next exercise, do rows with the same rules above. And then also do incline dumbbell press.

Take this exercise by three sets of 8-10 reps with 2 minutes rest per set. Do lateral raises of 2 sets with 10-12 reps. Take 1-minute rest for each set. Follow that exercise with triceps press-downs with the same rules of the lateral raises. You can end up your upper body with dumbbell curls with the same rule.

It is recommended to do all of those exercises in your upper day workout. If you don’t get used to it, take at least three exercises of them. Some additional exercise is including pull up, barbell shoulder press, and skull crusher.

Lower body exercises are different, but the set and reps for each exercise could be the same with upper bodies. Do Romanian deadlifts for three sets of 6-8 reps. Leg press should be your next exercise with three sets and 10-12 reps. Don’t forget to take 2 minutes rest for each set.

Three sets of seated leg curls with 8-10 reps is your next exercise. Four sets of standing calf rises with 6-8 reps could improve the way you work. For your last muscle building workout plan, do abs with a set that you can decide. Each set should consist 8-15 reps. Don’t forget to take a rest at least 1 minute every set.

For your variation, you can also choose squat and split squat. Choose each of them three sets with 6-8 reps and 8-10 sets. Take a rest 2-3 minutes for each set. You can combine them on your workout day. If possible, change the type of the exercises each day.

Usually, it needs at least six weeks to see your progress. The key to making your muscle bigger is to keep exercising. If you have highly trained yourself well, you can improve the level of your exercise to be harder. The harder your exercise, the bigger muscle you will get.

In this phase, you can try to use some supplement. To support your workout plan, you will need to watch the nutrition of your meal. Gaining muscle will mean nothing if you are underweight. Eat more healthy food that contains protein. With well-organized meals and supplement, you can maximize the result from your muscle building workout plan.


Best Muscle Building Workout Plan For Men And Beginners

Having a muscle is a must for some people, in particular for some men in the world. A muscle can be formed by consuming some healthy foods and doing some exercises. Nowadays, there is a best muscle building workout plan for men and beginners that are effective. These are some information about the best muscle building workout plan for men and beginners that may solve your problems, as follows:


Best Muscle Building Workout Plan For Men

There are some activities or exercises can be the best muscle building workout plan for men. Here is the information about it:

Dead lift is one of the best ways to build the men’s muscle. There are some benefits can be gotten from that exercise. For example, the dead lift can help the people increase the fat burning. Based on the research, doing the dead lift make people produce a lot of sweat. That is why some athletes are doing the dead lift to reduce their fat or keep their ideal body. Besides, people are supposed to do a diet program in their daily life. They should consume healthy foods and less fat during the exercise. Dead lift also has a benefit to keeping men’s ideal body proportion and their performance.

Chin Up is an exercise that is chosen by some people to build their body muscle. Usually, a man who wants to maintain their muscle in his arm and back choose the chin up exercise. The chin up exercise focuses on the formed of the muscle strength. There are some benefits can be gotten from chin up, for example: make the arm and back muscle proportional, keep the ideal body, reduce the fat in the human body, and also keep the body healthy.

Dumbbell Floor Press is one of the exercises that are used to build the muscle strength. This exercise focuses on the building of the chest, shoulders, triceps, and stomach. For some men or even some athletes, they choose the dumbbell floor press exercise to increase the muscle mass.

Dumbbell Row is the exercise of the muscle building. It focuses on the building of the back muscle. The benefits of this exercise can increase the muscle mass in the back and also keep the human body weight stay ideal and proportional.

The front squat is one of the exercises that are used to keep the lower muscle stay ideal. It focuses on the building of the shoulder muscle. Some people or even some athletes choose this exercise to keep their muscle in the shoulder stay strong.

Push up is one of the best exercises to keep the ideal body. It focuses on the muscle building of the stomach, shoulders, triceps and the chest. The focus of the push-up exercise almost same as the dumbbell floor press. Besides, doing the push up gives a benefit to help the bone strength. Bone is one of the body parts that important for human body. That is why to keep the strength of our bone, push up is the best exercise to be chosen.

Doing those exercises in daily life is important to keep our muscles stay active and healthy. Those are best muscle building plan for men that should be tried by all people. The benefits of it significant for the human body, in particular for men. The exercise can be done for 2-3 weeks, after that you can get a good result from those exercises.


Muscle Building Workout Plan For Beginners

Some beginners can do some muscles building a workout plan. It can by consuming some healthy foods and doing exercises. These are some exercises that can be done by beginners for muscle building, as follows:

Push up is one of best exercises that can be used by beginners to build their body muscle. Push us is the easy exercises for beginners because they can do it anywhere and anytime. The functions of push up itself are to build the muscle in some parts of human body, such as chest, shoulders, stomach, and arms.

Barbell shoulder press is an exercise that is used by some beginners to build their muscles in the shoulder. If people are doing the barbell shoulder press every day, they will get proportional shoulders. Besides, the barbell shoulder press makes the muscle come out, that exercise maintains the strength body for beginners.

Front Plate Raise is an exercise for beginners to build the muscle such as arms and chest. There are some people want to get a muscle in their chest and arm to make good looking. Actually, as a man for having a muscle in his body is important. That is why they are supposed to do the front plate exercises.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press is one of best exercises that can be used by some beginners to build their body weight. A Dumbbell shoulder Press focuses on the muscle building in the back and shoulders. So, for some people who want to make the muscle in their back and shoulder come out, it is the best way to do the dumbbell shoulder press.

Reverse Fly is also one of the best exercises for muscle building for beginners. People can do that exercise at the Gym. There are some coaches will help them during the training. The focus of this exercise is to build the shoulders muscle. To make the shoulders muscle proportional, some beginners should do the reverse fly exercise.

That is some information about the best muscle building workout plan for men and beginners. There are some exercises can be done by people for gaining their body muscle. It is effortless because they can do it at the Gym.

The exercises that are done by some men and beginners almost same, but there is a difference in the time to get the muscle come out. For the beginners, they need four weeks to get the result after the exercises, while for an ordinary or some men who are professional just need two until three weeks to get their muscle. May be this information can help and solve your problem in muscle building program.


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