8 Reasons: Why Am I Not Building Muscle


why am I not building muscleWhy Am I Not Building Muscle?

For you who are in a program building your muscle mass, you might get some problem building it and want an answer to why am I not building muscle? That question might come to mind for people who are having a hard time gaining muscle. Well, there might be something wrong with what you are doing. You might want to know what mistakes you do and want to know how to fix it. In this article you will find out eight reasons, you are having a hard time building muscle.


eBuildMuscle.com – Most people would suggest you eat a lot of protein and exercise more. But, it’s not as easy as it’s said. Many people struggle to build muscle. It’s not just for men, women too. For all of you, if you already worked hard to build muscle but have not seen any gains, you might be having one or more of these mistakes we would show you below.

  1. Not enough eating
    The simple analogy is that if you want to build a house with blueprints and construction workers, you will need raw materials. You can’t build a house without raw materials. It’s similar to your body. Our body is like a house; it needs its materials. You can’t build muscle if the materials you consume is not enough. So, why am I not building muscle?
    Building muscle required a certain amount of nutrients to grow. The nutrients we are talking about are carbs, protein, and fat. If you do not eat enough of those nutrients, the calories can’t be used by your body for growth and repair. Without excess calories, you’re lifting weights, and exercises lead to nothing but the feel of exhausted.
    But, it doesn’t mean that you should eat anything you want like pizza, burger, an enormous amount of ice cream. It doesn’t work like that. You need to plan your meals or follow diet programs to get the right amount of calories, and other nutrients you need for your body to build muscle. So, if you want to get an answer of why am I not building muscle? This one might be the reason.
  2. Not consuming enough protein
    Many people do not eat enough protein based on their daily activity, especially women. For you who want to build muscle, it’s recommended for you to eat about 1.3 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilograms of your body weight. If you just want to maintain good health, 1.0 to 1.2 grams of protein would be enough.
    The more you force your body, the more you need nutrition. The protein can comes from beef, dairy, seeds, poultry, eggs, fish, etc. Each of them contains distinctive amino acid profiles, so it is recommended to eat various protein, not just one kind. It would be highly beneficial to your program of building muscle if you eat a full spectrum of amino acids. This is also one answer to why am I not building muscle?
  3. Not training intensely enough
    The obvious reason is the intensity of exercise. If you do not mind the intensity of training, you won’t get your muscle mass bigger. You might see many people in the gym just going light. They just do a simple exercise that seems like it’s not making an impact at all. Women do that often. To build muscle, you need to lift with power and purpose. Go heavy and hard enough to challenge your body beyond normal. When you reach to that point, that’s when the change will occur. This can be one of the answers of why am I not building muscle?
  4. Not having enough sleep or rest
    We agree that going hard and heavy in the gym is important, but resting and sleeping is also important. When you sleep, you will increase the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). That’s when all the things work well. Analogically, you use your smartphone for all day long until its battery is low, so what are you going to do next? Yes, you charge your phone. That’s as same as your body. When you are exhausting after training, you need to charge your energy by resting and sleeping. This might be the reason of why am I not building muscle?
  5. Inconsistency
    To be consistent is the key. You have to train and exercise over and over again regularly. You need to consume your scheduled meals and protein consistently. Get used to that lifestyle to get you what you want to your body. If you are not consistent in your effort, you will never reach your goals.
  6. Too much cardio
    It’s nearly impossible to make mass dang coming by if you are expending more calories, adding cardio and eating too little. If you want to lose body fat and build a muscle mass at the same time, you need to do the right type of cardio; it’s crucial for you. The priority should be resistance training. You can add a cardio session in some spots but remember not to be at the recovery expense of yours. Do you get six answers of why am I not building muscle?
  7. Not a building muscle training
    Probably, the training you have been doing is not training that can build your muscle. I mean, building muscle is not just about lifting weights, it goes beyond that. You need to be consistent in adding resistance. It will make your muscle adapt to more weight. You need to create a workload that will challenge your body. Otherwise, it won’t respond.
  8. Wrong supplementing
    The last reason maybe because of the supplement you have been consuming or the way and the time you consume it. You need to make sure that your rest, training, and nutrition is balanced when you decide to consume supplement. But, you can’t just rely on the protein powder to your muscle build.

Finally, all those eight mistakes might be the answers of  why am I not building muscle that you have just been looking for. After you know about the mistakes you probably do that makes your muscle wasn’t gaining, you have to prevent and undo those mistakes, so the muscle building will be more optimal later.


Some Mistakes In Exercise To Build Muscles

To do an exercise is very important to keep the body healthy. One of them is doing the exercises to gain muscles and lose weight. However, there are some mistakes that people, especially women, may do so that their effort to gain muscles and lose weight is not maximally successful. Thus, it is better for you to know some mistakes which can influence the failure of building muscles and losing weight.

About the mistakes that female may do, there are four common mistakes which can obstruct them to gain muscles and losing weight. Here are some of them.

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Why Am I Not Gaining Muscle Female?

Not eating enough

To gain muscle, people usually do exercise very hard. They do it every day, in the morning, afternoon or even at night. However, they may make a little mistake that is not enough eating. They just focus on exercise but do not consider well what they eat. When this condition happens, people may fail to gain muscles because, in building muscles, the body must need some things like Protein, carb, and fat. So, it is necessary to consume them as sufficient as possible.

Also, when those three matters are not sufficient to consume by the body, it may be lack calories to make the process of building muscles run well. Therefore, when you need to gain muscles, do not ever forget to eat regularly enough. It is suggested to do to fulfill the need of nutrients which are needed by muscles to grow.


Not consuming enough protein

Lack of protein can also cause the difficulty of gaining muscles for women. It can be so because women usually lack a protein that they consume every day. As we know, every food that contains protein will be appropriate to consume to support the effort of gaining muscles. So, you should find some resources which contain protein.

Talking about the resources of protein, you should know that there are some things to eat that are easy to find. They are such as dairy, beef, poultry, seeds, fish, eggs and so on. All of them can also produce amino acid which is good for muscles. So, get those resources and consume them well and regularly.


Not training intensely

For some women who do not train with intensity, their goal to gain muscles can be failed. It can be so because, without intensity, their muscles will not be stronger and even bigger. So, think twice before you go to a gym.

When you just do an ordinary exercise and light training, it will spend much time at the gym but no significant result. To solve this matter, you should be brave to try some exercises out of your standard capacity, although a little. Try to go hard and cumbersome to challenge your muscles. However, don’t try too much. You can do it by degrees to keep your safety. By doing that, the change of your muscles may happen compared just to do light exercise with ordinary movements.

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Not resting or enough sleeping

During resting or sleeping, it is the best time for your muscles to grow. To do exercise at a gym can build your muscles well. However, your muscles will change when you are resting or sleeping. So, to support the growth of your muscles well, you are suggested to have enough rest and sleep.

Moreover, when you lack sleeping or shutting your eyes, it can lead to cortisol. This condition is not right for you when you are in the process of building the muscles. It can be so because cortisol can break down the muscles tissue. It is, of course, not good for your muscles while being built. So, try always to have enough rest and sleep to be successful in gaining muscle.

Also, the reason why women do exercise is to lose weight. The fact they get is only gaining muscles without getting body loss. So, here are the causes of this case.


Gaining Muscle But Not Losing Weight:

  1. Eating food with high calorie
    Commonly, women often eat some kinds of foods with high calories after doing exercise. This case is a kind of big mistake because that they do for whom who are trying to lose weight by doing exercise. So, it is better to be avoided.
    It is better for you to consume food with little calories. We realize that after exercise, we need sufficient carbohydrate to repair the loss of our energy. However, to choose the low-calorie ones is better because the food with high calorie can quickly increase your body weight.
  2. Not consuming good diets
    Although you do exercise regularly, it does not mean that it is enough to lose your weight. Besides doing exercise, you should also be able to limit the foods you eat about the amount or types. If you want to lose weight effectively, it is better for you to avoid food with high cholesterol.  You can consume some foods with high protein to gain muscle and lose weight, such as vegetables, beans, and some other healthy food.
  3. Suffering from certain health problems
    When you have done exercise well but do not get body weight loss, it is better for you to consult with a doctor. It can be so because there are several health problems which influence the body weight to increase although you have done exercise regularly or consuming good diets. The kinds of health problem which can influence the body weight are such as disorders of the thyroid gland and disorders of hormonal balance. So, when you want to lose your weight successfully after doing exercise regularly and consuming good diets, make sure that you are not suffering kinds of the problems above.

To build muscles and to lose weight to get ideal weight is right to keep the healthy condition. However, you should be able to avoid some mistakes or reasons which can obstruct the success of getting them.


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