Protein and Muscle: Does Protein Build Muscle?


Does Protein Build Muscle As protein is one of the important chemical elements for bodybuilding, people usually about questioned does protein build muscle. The answer to that question is not simple. There needs more explanation rather just say yes or no as the answer. There will be more explanation below to answer and inform you about the real protein related to muscle build that you should know. There is also a misconception that has spread widely in the society about the relation of protein and muscle building. – One of the biggest misconceptions is that all of us should consume a lot of protein. This not true, especially when you are on muscle building program. Below are the explanations about protein and muscle building.


The “yes” answer

The answer to the question does protein build muscle is yes, but should follow on these conditions. First, protein will only work to build the muscle with the proper and regular workout. Second, some particular types of protein will help to build muscle. The last, protein will help you to build muscle if you increase the number of calories.

Remember that to build muscle; you should eat more. It will be hard for you to gain muscle mass if you are underweight. Eat more isn’t only about protein, but also carbohydrate and fats. It is important to notice that your daily meal will affect the way you build the muscle. If you focus on the workout only, the muscle progress will be slow.

So, yes, the protein will help you to build muscle, but with some conditions that should apply. Protein only will not work for your muscle building program if it doesn’t follow the condition. This will be explained more in the next section.

It has been mentioned in the previous paragraph that particular types of protein can build muscle. In this case, the explanation actually will be the supplement of muscle building. It means that the particular proteins are the ones that usually used as the workout supplement. For your information, the supplement will help your muscle and the cells in many ways. There are at least two best protein types that will work to help to build muscle. This will be the best explanation to yes-ing the question of does protein build muscle.

Two of them are whey protein and casein. Whey is known as the king of protein. This one of the best supplement is usually taken for pre-workout and post workout shakes. Whey also contains branch-chained amino acid which is one of the best supplements for muscle building. The primary function of whey is to improve the performance and to gain muscle mass. If the performance is increased, it means that the muscle mass will grow faster.

While for the casein, you can find it in almost 80% of the milk. Casein is important because it will boost the protein synthesis that will help the muscle to grow. The best casein to consume is the one that contains micellar casein. Casein can work well if combined with the whey for shakes.

The conclusion in this section as part of does protein build muscle explanation is that protein will help to build the muscle in several conditions. And the way protein help in building muscle is in various ways. Although some ways are not directly to help, it’s affected on how people build muscle.

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The “no” answer

If it’s not following the conditions that mentioned in the previous section, then protein will do nothing for your muscle building program. But it’s not the only reason why protein doesn’t work for muscle building. The more explanation can be found below.

For the “no” answer of does protein build muscle question, we will start by comparing to the previous section. If you only eat lots protein without consumption of another food substances and nutrients, the protein will not affect your building. Why? Because when you build your muscle, you will need more calories and fat to be burned during your workout. This is one of the hundreds reason that doctor or trainer ask you to eat more. So, if you only focus on protein only, you will only hurt your body.

Protein can’t work alone to build your muscle. This is the big no for the question does protein build muscle. When you consume protein in any type, you need to consider many things, even the way you sleep. The best combination to make the protein work is by combining it with the best meal, regular exercise, and good rest.

The conclusion in this section is that protein will not work to build your muscle if you don’t consider the other things such as thinking about the other nutrients, the exercise, and others.


Too much protein

What happens if you consume lots protein so that you have an enormous amount of protein in your body? Will it affect the muscle building? These questions are also part of the does protein build muscle.

The answer is that if you have so much protein by cutting the carbohydrates and the other substances, you will face many bad things. As an example, your body will fight back. This means that your body probably produces some toxic inside. You can also lose your body’s water which leads to dehydration. If you exercise heavily because you think lots of protein will help you, you are wrong.

Cutting the carbs and fats when you have much proteins makes you facing muscle damage. Not only dehydration, but your muscle cell can also be broken.

Other effects are including makes you feel weak, dizzy, hard to breath and lead to other health problems. Those bad effects will make you lose weight, instead of building the muscle.

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How much protein is needed?

The answer to this question is that you need on your daily calorie intake and your weight. To consume the ideal amount of protein, you can consult with your doctor. Approximately, the amount of protein that recommended is 0,36 grams for every pound of your body weight. But there are some specific rules that you should follow.

The conclusion of the answer explanation for does protein build muscle is both yes and no, depends on the conditions.


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