Self-Muscle Building Exercises: How to Build Muscle at Home


How to Build Muscle At HomeMany people out there want to build muscle but don’t have enough time which raised the question of how to build muscle at home. There will need many explanations because it’s different than the ordinary way that people do in the gym or training center. Before explaining about that thing, there will be some information that you need to know before doing the program in your home. – Building muscle at your own home is usually a program that called self-muscle building. Some people start this program with the trainer that they call to come in their home. But some do the opposite; they just do it because some know well how to do it. If you want to do this by yourself, you should know the how to do the exercise well. That’s the key. Self-muscle building at your home probably will make you feel different and question if it’s possible or not.

To be honest, building muscle from your home is work. But there is a thing that you should notice such as probably you will need more exercise or you will see the progress slowly. On the other hand, this self-muscle building program is suitable for those who are currently busy but want to build muscle.

The question how to build muscle at home has an answer that is not simple to explain because you will need to do many things such as home-based exercise, consider the food and even your activities. The explanation about the answer will be explained below.

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The exercises

The key to building the muscle is to have an exercise or workout. There are plenty choices of the exercises and the supporting tools that can be used as the loads when one on the gym. So, what about the exercise in your own home? The exercise at your home will be done without tools or any things that you can find in the gym. And this is strongly possible to help you build your muscle.

There will be a specific example of an exercise that will help you to focus on your upper and lower body. Try this on yourself muscle building program at home. If you feel that it’s hard to start, you can ask the trainer to teach you at the beginning. After getting used, you can work it by yourself.

The first explanation to start the information about how to build muscle at home is about the exercises for the upper body. What are they? Below is the information for you.

  • Push up
    If you want to work for your arm and your chest, push up is necessary to be done. Many people said that push up is the bread of the home workout. To do this well, you should set your spine in line with your butt, which means it will not be sagging. Place your palms a little wider than your shoulder or way too wider if you want to focus on your chest. You can mix the incline and decline push up in your daily workout. Push up shall be done in 8 up to 12 reps with three sets. Don’t forget to take a rest in each set.
  • Handstands
    This workout can be done if you focus on your shoulders and back. You can simply do this by against your wall. For the beginners, doing this may not easy, so probably trainer is needed. When you successfully do the handstand, make sure to move your body down and up just like push up in 4-6 reps of 3 sets only. This will be one of the best ways to answer the how to build muscle at home.
  • Dips
    Do the dips for about 15-20 reps in three sets. To do dips properly that will help your arm muscle, you will need a sturdy bench, chair, or table that can be used to hold your body. Make sure that the maximum height of the chair or table is 0,6 m. Do it like push-up by making your butt up and down, and make sure that your knees bent 90°.
  • Planks
    This exercise is popular. You can do planks at your home with 12 reps in 3 sets. To start a good plank, take a push-up position and change your forearms to be on the ground. Do it like a push up with holding few seconds in the higher position. To make it efficient, do for three sets of 12 reps.
    The next explanation is for the lower body exercise
  • Cardio
    Doing activities that focus on your cardio is the first recommendation on how to build muscle at home which focus on lower body. Do things such as jumping jacks, lunges, lateral jumps and burpees which is a combination of jumping jack and then push up.
  • Wall-sitting
    To do this, place your back on the wall and make sure your kneed bent 90 degrees. Then hold this position for 30 seconds, and then rest and repeat it.
  • Squat
    The squat is one of the easiest exercises. Do squats two sets in 12 reps. For your information, the squat can be the best way to as the method information for the how to build muscle at home.
  • Glute bridge
    This new exercise is called glute bridge which you can do by simply laying your body on the floor, including your feet. Then lift the glutes off from the ground and form the bridge. Do this for ten reps and each leg.

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Additional things

The explanation of the question how to build muscle at home doesn’t stop at the exercise. There are many things that you need to consider too. They include the way you eat, rest and your goal.

First is about your eating. Make sure that the calories you need for the exercise are enough. If possible, increase your calories. Please notice that increasing calories doesn’t mean increasing the food.

The second thing is about the way you rest. It means that you don’t need to do this daily. In a week, you should only practice 3-4 days only. The rest days are the day where your muscle is getting bigger. The last is to focus on your goal, so track the progress and keep smart training as your program.
As the ending explanation for the question how to build muscle at home, one should vary the exercise.


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