Smart Muscle Building Plan: Best Way to Build Muscle Fast


Best Way to Build Muscle FastA question that can’t be avoided for those who are currently on their way to build the muscles is the best way to build muscle fast. One thing for sure is that there is no instant way to build muscle. Everything needs process, so does this program. But there is some way to make it faster in a smart way. You will see the progress in a faster way than you think, but it will never damage your body. As we know, some programs are too hard just to build faster which damage the body, mainly the muscle cells. – To build muscle faster, you should do many things. Each of these will be explained below. So, if you are planning to build it faster, you should follow these steps. So the best way to build muscle fast will followed by many activities that you should notice.


Make a plan

Before you start everything, make sure you plan the program. The plan is important because it will make you manage well the way you exercise. As you know, exercise is one of the essential things to build muscle.

Making plan is not about the time only. You will need to make a plan including with the exercise that you would do. As an example, you are planning to start your beginning muscle building program which will run for 18 weeks.

You should plan the exercise each week. You can make two weeks plan to be repeated in that time frame. Each week you should decide which days you will have the training and the kind of training that you will do. The best way to build muscle fast shall manage this plan well.

It is important to notice that you are only allowed to create a weekly plan in either 2-2 system or the 1-1-1-1 system. What do they mean? The 2-2 system means that you will only exercise on the first day and the second day of the week and the take a rest in one or two days, then do it again in two days.

The rest days in your first week should be made as your rest time. The 1-1-1-1 system means that you need to exercise on the first day, rest on the second day, and then do the exercise on the third day and so on until you reach the fourth exercise. Just make sure that you take the exercise for four days in a week.

Why should you take a rest? The real thing is that the muscle will grow when you take a rest. On the other hand, working too much will damage your muscle. The result can damage the other body’s organs. The best way to build muscle fast that currently explained will not be the best without rest.

Not only the time, but you will also need to arrange the exercise. The kind of exercises that you need to take is depending on your goal and your strength. Each exercise day, at least you should do the four up to 6 exercises with particular reps. If you are new to muscle building and not sure about the exercise that you should take, it’s better to ask for help with the bodybuilding trainer. The trainer will advise you the best exercise that probably different each day.

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Eat lots

To build your muscle faster, you need to eat lots. In the simple words, you will not be able to build muscle or see the exercise progress on your muscle if you are underweight. So the key is to consume healthy food daily.

The rumor said that best way to build muscle fast is also by consuming lots protein. But that is not true. The protein and the other nutrients should be balanced. It means that you need to create your daily meal if necessary. You need protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Why? This is because you will need more calories to be burned when you take the exercise. Without good and great food, it will be hard for you to build your muscle in a fast way.

Remember that although exercise is the essential thing, without good nutrients that you take in your body, it will mean nothing. Increase your daily calorie with the carbohydrate and fats. Calorie intake affects the muscle to grow when you exercise regularly.

Eat lots here doesn’t mean that you eat in a bigger portion. It just increases the calories that enough for your daily exercise.
If you are not sure about your daily calories that you should take, you will need to ask for the advice of your trainer or your doctor. There is a measurement system about the calories that also related to your exercises.



This is an essential thing in this best way to build fast muscle part is the workout or the exercise. Some have been explained before in the plan section. Here, it just focuses on the regular exercise.

All you need to do with the exercise is a regular workout that is a suit with your plan. If necessary, you can change the exercise types to be heavier. The heavier the loads that you take for the exercise, you will get the bigger muscle. But please notice that the heavier one has fewer reps.

Don’t ever try to over workout because it will damage the muscle. Remember that smart and well-managed program will make you see the progress faster than the hard workout only, which probably will break your muscle.

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Use supplements

Another thing to be noticed to make the best way to build muscle fast is the supplement. To be able to make yourself stronger and have more energy to exercise, you will need a supplement. You can try to take the supplement after you see that your muscle is getting bigger and you are getting used to the training.

Some of the supplements that you can take for your pre and post workout are including whey protein, casein, creatine and branched-chain amino acids. These supplements have been used as the best supplement that can help to build muscle.

But you should remember that you need to take it carefully. There are rules for the usage recommendation in each supplement. For a daily consumption, probably you will need to take up to 10 grams only which can be taken through a meal or shake.

The last recommendation is to drink enough water. This will help you the way you exercise. Regularly doing your plan and consider other things is the smartest and best way to build muscle fast.


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