Easy Workout Plans For Men To Build Muscle


workout plans for men to build muscleManaging Workout Plans for Men to Build Muscle

It is probably hard to manage workout plans for men to build muscle for a beginner. But there is some way to make yourself improve your dedication to building muscle. Not only need a high motivation, but managing workout plans step by step is necessary. This is to make sure that you can go with it.

eBuildMuscle.com – The key is that it starts by simplest step, and then become harder and harder. Not only consider the workout or kind of the exercises but also need to decide the time frame to do it. You will need to get used to working out first before naturally doing it.

Here are some guides that will help you in managing the workout plan. To begin, you must commit and have a strong motivation to do this. It will not be hard as you imagine, you just need to commit to yourself.


Decide Time Frame

Timing is important as your basic guide to get the right workout plans for men to build muscle. Without consider any time frame for your workout, you will not be able to decide the right exercises for you, and even you can’t track your progress. Here are some examples for you to make yourself get used to it.

If you are a beginner, try to commit making two or three days workout plan a week for six up to 8 weeks. The key is to make the day for the exercise followed by one day off. For example, you decide to make three days workout a week.

The workout day should be on day 1, day 3, and day 5. You will need to off in day 2, day 4, day 5 and day 6. Or you can make it work for day 2, day 4 and day 6. It all depends on you. The key is always to follow one day off after a one-day workout.

After setting your weekly plan, you need to manage workout plans for men to build muscle in the longer term. Remember that if you are a beginner, you will need some simpler exercise to make yourself get used to it. By managing the long term frame, it will avoid any damage that can hurt your muscle.

For a beginner, you can set your weekly workout goal for six up to 8 weeks. Don’t be shy to ask the trainer or the doctor about this. If you are healthy enough and get the fast result, you probably just need some five weeks.

By consider your time frame to create managed workout plans for men to build muscle, you will not harm yourself, and you can see your progress quickly. It is always important to keep on track the progress. By managing the time, we can also know what kind of exercise that suit with our time frame. It can be the same workout, but it also can be a different exercise in the later week.

If you are not a beginner and want to manage your own, you can use this resource to help you manage your workout plan. Even if you are not a beginner anymore, always remember to put at least one day off after workout day. But you can also choose two days workout and give one day off if you already get used to it. These tips will help you to strengthen and grow more muscle. But if you decide to take simpler workout, it will keep you healthy.

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Decide The Type of Exercises

After you decide your time frame for your workout plans for men to build muscle, you can now decide your type of exercise. You can ask the gym trainer to give you the necessary workout type that you can do for your three days exercises per week. Here some ideas of exercise types that you can use to start building your muscle. This is an example if you take the three days plan a week as a beginner.

For the day 1, you can try some exercises such as barbell bench press in small size, bent over barbell row, seated dumbbell press and triceps pushdown. You can choose more than one, but doing all of them is recommended. Do them in the 3-4 set with 10-12 reps for 3 set and 6-8 reps for the four sets. The harder exercise should be only in 4 sets. These all are the exercise to work on your upper body.

For the day 3 of your workout plans for men to build muscle, you can decide to do these exercises. They are front barbell squat, barbell deadlift, seated leg curl, standing calf raises and dumbbell lunges. The set and the reps are the same with the day 1 rule. For a beginner, try to start them all at the basic level. These exercises work for your lower body.

Day 5 will be working for your upper body again but in different exercises. Some of the exercises that you can try are wide-grip lat pull down, front dumbbell raise and bench dips. You can do this for three sets of 10-12 reps. You can try other slightly harder exercises if you want.

If you are no longer a beginner, you can start to make two days workout plans for men to build muscle with one day off after it. You can do the exercises in one-day maximum five different types of exercise. The five different exercises can be a combination from those that have been mentioned above.

The days off of your workout plan are important to make your muscle grow and strengthen itself. Without days off, it will injure your muscle which can damage your health and your body. Always keep on track your progress to decide that you should improve the exercise into slightly harder one.

If you get used to working out, you can quickly improve your exercises type just in few weeks. After managing your workout plans for men to build muscle, you start to decide the week you will begin it.


Muscle Building Workout Plan For Beginners


The Beginners’ Guide Of Weight Gain And Muscle Building

Both men and women want to be healthy and physically good looking. Many of them decided to do a diet program. For men, they are more interested in building or gaining muscle mass. So, men need to set a workout plan to build the muscle. A good plan and supplement will make them gaining fast. If you are new to the plan, you may need to get more information about muscle building workout plan for beginners.

For women, they like to have an ideal body. For both fat and skinny women, they follow a diet program to be healthy and get the ideal body they want. Fat women will try to exercise to burn fat and skinny will follow a different type of diet program to gain weight. There’s also a weight gain exercise for female to follow.

Getting bigger and becoming stronger is what all men want. Following a workout program for muscle building will be a good decision. If you are a beginner, you have come to a right place. There are three things you have to do to start building muscle.

The first one is to lift something heavy. For a beginner who does not know how to gain muscle mass, the simple thing you have to do is the lift heavy things. You may need a gym with a good section of free-weight. You can just do some body weight exercise. This kind of exercise is perfect for weight loss. It’s also great for keeping the muscle that you already have. If your goal is training your weight, you need a complete gym that has barbells, pull ups spot, squat rack, bench, chin ups spot, and dips spot.

You will need to create functional size and strength by doing many full-body routines. The routines should be a compound exercise that will make multiple muscle groups work at once. It’s so effective for you who are building muscle. The routines should have one leg exercise, pull exercise, push exercise and a core exercise. For the leg, you can do squats, lunges, or deadlifts. For the push and pull, you can do bench press, dips, overhead press, pull ups, chin ups, and inverted rows. For the core, you can do planks, reverse crunches, or hanging knee raises.

Learn those exercises, get good at them. Then, you will get your body to be bigger and stronger. You need to focus on the routines and adding more mass to each exercise. For example, if you do three sets of 5 push ups of 150 pounds this week, you need to improve it to be 3 or 5 push ups of 155 pounds, on the next week.By doing those, you will be stronger than before. You can get bigger too from those. Eat right.

If you are still confused about what exercise to choose for today and the next day, here are some simple muscle building workout plan for beginners  you can follow every day.

  1. Monday – Planks, Squats, Wide Grip Pull Ups, and bench press.
  2. Wednesday – Hanging Knee raises, deadlift, inverted rows, and overhead press.
  3. Friday – Reverse Crunches, weighted dips, weighted lunges, and weighted chin ups.

As you can see in the sample routine, all kind of exercise is available each day. So, you can do your best following this workout plan to build your muscle.

The second things you must pay to is what you eat. Follow a diet program that can be matched with the size of your body. This kind of a program is popular among people that want to lose weight. But, if you are skinny and you want to have a bigger body, you need to eat more than before. Eating more calories is helpful for you to gain muscle.

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Weight Gain Exercise For Female

In this section is made special for those women who are skinny. We all know that being skinny would increase the risk of various health problems such as infertility, anemia, or a weak immune system. If you want to gain weight through exercise, there are some particular exercise you need to do regularly.

The first one would be Headstand or Sirshasana. This is one of the yoga techniques for gaining weight. This is highly recommended for skinny women. It is useful for relaxing the hyperactive body. When you do this posture, you will enhance the digestive system, and the muscle elasticity will be increased.

The second weight gain exercise for female is Matsya Sana or the fish pose. This is also a pose from yoga. Yoga will help you get rid of your thyroid problems. So, it is so recommended to do the fish pose to work out the abdominal muscles. It will also increase the absorption of the nutrition in the body manifold.

The next thing you should do to gain weight is to do free weight exercise. But these exercises should be done under the guidance of a professional trainer. It can stimulate the fibers of the muscle. Women can do French presses, overhead triceps extensions, and triceps kickbacks.

The dumb bell squats exercises can be helpful too. It can help women to build a solid foundation to welcome extra pounds. But it can be difficult for them. The last one is straight leg dead lifts. It will strengthen the lower back. It helps the women to gain weight. For a beginner, you must start with a light weight to lift. It is to make sure that you are practicing correctly.

Unlike men, gaining weight for women can be very risky. The exercise and intensity should depend on the condition of the body. It is because women have body type and muscle density that is very different from men. It needs a lot of planning and consultation before doing the weight gain routines.

Overall, both men and women have its exercise. It is because their body has its characteristic. Moreover, men have more testosterone than women. That is why men can focus to gain muscle while women can’t. So, women are just gaining some weight. For men, they can have muscle building workout plan for beginners. Then, women can go with weight gain exercise for female.

All of that exercise will be very helpful to gain weight healthily. You may add supporting supplements to maximize the metabolism of your body.



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