Best Ways How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle


How to lose weight and build muscleAbout how to lose weight and build muscle, you should focus on three key elements: diet, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training. – It requires work and willpower, but the result will be worth it! Here are some tips that help you to start getting the ideal body shape.

Managing Dietary habit

  1. Eat more protein.
    Proteins are important for muscle building. When doing weight training, your body goes into a catabolic state in which the muscle fibers begin to tear. Eating protein after exercise helps bring your body back into an anabolic state so that muscles can be re-established. Here’s an example of a protein-rich diet you should put on the menu that we can use how to lose weight and build muscle:
    a. Low-fat beef.
    Beef contains not only an average of 25% protein (about 7 grams per ounce) but is also a source of vitamin B12 and iron and zinc.
    b. Chicken.
    Skinless chicken contains more or less the same protein as beef and is food that is easily varied.
    c. Fish.
    Fish are just as good a source of protein as meat and chicken, but fish like tuna and salmon are also excellent sources of essential fatty acids and Omega-3s and are of significant health benefits, including boosting your immune system.
    d. Egg.
    In addition to rich in protein, eggs are also a good source of Omega-3.
    e. Nuts.
    Nuts are an excellent source of protein (exact amounts vary according to bean type), but moreover, nuts are also a good source of fiber. This means that with nuts, you will feel full faster and stay full longer.
  2. Limit your carbohydrates.
    One of the ways on how to lose weight and build muscle is limiting your carbohydrates. That is true, limiting carbohydrates can result in weight loss, but carbohydrates are not enemies. If properly utilized, carbohydrates are an integral part of your diet and exercise routine. Not only can it help the body absorb the protein you consume, but carbohydrates can also give your body the fuel it needs to do the sport itself. Here’s a list of carbohydrate-rich foods that you can put on the menu:
    Remember this when you’re shopping for bread, pasta, and rice. Grains are not only a good source of carbohydrates but are also associated with a reduced risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
    Besides being a type of grain and having the benefits mentioned earlier, oatmeal is full of fiber and can make you feel full longer than sugar-sweetened foods, thereby limiting your desire to eat snacks before lunch or prevent excessive compensation with a larger lunch portion.
    Spaghetti squash.
    Try this as alternative pasta if you want to limit your carbohydrates. Spaghetti squash, if cooked correctly, is not just similar to paste you already know, but contains only one-quarter of the carbohydrate the pasta contains.
  3. Avoid canned foods.
    This food is the enemy. In addition to containing many preservatives and little nutrients, the content of vitamins, minerals, and fiber has been lost. Worse, unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners, vitamins, and synthetic minerals are added to it. In most cases, your body does not even recognize these ingredients as food! Here’s an example of canned foods to avoid: Meat slices, Hot dog Chips, biscuits in the pack Pizza, and frozen food.
  4. Use supplements wisely.
    Supplements mean additional food. It’s okay to add supplemental pills to your diet if you feel lacking certain vitamins or minerals, but these supplements should not be used to replace real food. So using supplements wisely is the good way how to lose weight and build muscle.

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Cardiovascular Exercises

Make cardio part of your routine is the step how to lose weight and build muscle. Cardiovascular exercise is important for losing weight because it can help you burn fat and increase your heart rate, which consequently strengthens the heart. A strong and healthy heart can effectively pump oxygen throughout the body, and into your muscles, which can make it stronger and shaped. You should put your cardio into your routine about four times a week and should plan to spend about 30 minutes to get the most out of it. Some activity that we can do how to lose weight and build muscle:

  1. Run.
    Running is cheap, easy, and is one of the best ways to get cardiovascular exercise. Running effect takes about 20 minutes to work. If you are a beginner, 20 minutes is good enough, but a high-level run should be between 30-45 minutes.
  2. Cycling.
    One of the key benefits of cycling is more friendly in joints than running. The disadvantage is you have to buy a bike or have access to a static bike. If you have a bike, buy the necessary protective equipment, such as a helmet. You will also need a key for your bike.
  3. Shadow boxing.
    Shadow boxing is what it’s called exactly. Stand in front of a surface with your shadow in front of you and punch the shadow as if it were your opponent. This is another cheap and easy cardio method you can do anywhere, and it’s fun! Make sure you do not get carried away and punch too hard, or you can weaken your joints (or make a hole in the wall).
  4. Dance.
    Dancing is not only fun, but it is also one way to make your heart pump and help you lose weight and build your body. Dance styles that are high-energy and can shape the body are as follows: Belly dance, Hip-hop, Zumba, Ballroom, and Bollywood.
  5. Swim.
    If you have access to a swimming pool, swimming is one of the many ways good cardiovascular exercise you can do. It has no effect on your bones and joints, which makes it an ideal way of exercising for people who are experiencing or recovering from injury. Swimming is also a good whole body sport, which will build up your muscles.

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Weight Training

Making exercise routine is the good step how to lose weight and build muscle. Lifting weights and endurance exercises is a surefire way to form and strengthen the muscles if done correctly. Know how and when to lift a great burden so you do not overdo it and hurt yourself or it will be counterproductive.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind: Time is very important. Weight training should be limited to a maximum of 3 times a week alternately (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) so you can give your body enough time to recuperate.

Shapes are more important than weight. Do not overdo it and try lifting the toughest burden you can find. Using the right shape with a smaller weight will be able to form larger and more visible muscles.

Modify your sport. Your body will get used to the routine if you do the same sport every time. This inhibits your ability to weaken your muscles and separate them properly. Change your routine by adding new types of sports and make your muscles work.

Above is some way how to lose weight and build muscle. In another side, we also must do healthy life to get a good life.


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