Smart Tips For Men: How To Build Chest Muscles


How To Build Chest MusclesHow To Build Chest Muscles For Men

Many questions about body building such as how to build chest muscles have raised and become one of the most searched topics. It is rarely asked by women, although they can do it too. The question usually asked by young guy or men adults that wish to improve their body looks. They wonder the best practice to build chest muscle including the exercises. – To build chest muscle, you should know that exercise isn’t enough. You will need to do some supportive things to help you grow your chest muscle faster. Some additional information that you should notice while you are aiming to build your muscle also will be explained. The explanation about it will be described below.


Find The Right Exercises

There are many exercises to help you on how to build chest muscles, and you can choose that seems right for you. Some of the great exercises are including bench press, push up, dumbbell press and weighted dip. You can do barbell bench press to strength your power.

Barbell bench is one of the easiest exercises that anyone can do. If you are not mastered it yet, or you are a beginner, this exercise is easy to learn. To work for your chest muscle, you need to vary your grip to develop your chest. Bench press also could be done through little incline barbell bench press.

Flat bench dumbbell presses also one of the exercises that you should try. When you are doing this, it will stabilize the muscle. Probably it will be harder to control than the barbell exercise, but it will help you to build your chest muscle. If you find it harder, you can try to start from the small size of the dumbbell. You can even skip this exercise and choose the others that seem easier and could help you on how to build chest muscles.

Seated machine chest press also could be your next choice if you want some different thing. You can do this machine press at the end of your workout. Using seated machine chest to build your chest muscle will give you many benefits.

Dips for the chest are just the other method that free of pressing. This dip exercise will work greater with your push up. If you aren’t strong enough to do this, you can start by training yourself on push up. Push up will give you power and strength to help you do the exercise for your chest.

Those exercises on how to build chest muscles are safe for beginner or professional. But if you are a beginner, you can ask the trainer at the gym to give you the necessary lesson to learn them all. It is important to always warm up yourself before starting the exercise. In the other hand, every beginner should do from the basic, so it will not damage the muscle. Even the basic exercises need some times such as four up to 8 weeks. Once you get used to it all, you may improve the level of your exercise.

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Some Supportive Things

It is important to notice that on how to build chest muscles it isn’t merely about the exercises. There many things that you need to do to support yourself to maximize your working. Your exercise will be mean nothing if you don’t do some of the necessary supportive things.

When you are working to build your chest muscle, you will need to eat more. You are right that you will need to eat more than you usually do. You will never get the bigger chest if you are underweight. To gain weight, you will need to eat every 3 hours with the addition to focus on dense calorie food. You can gain your weight while you are also working on your chest.

In the other hand, you’re working on the chest is affected by the food that you consume. It has been scientifically proven that training your chest three times per week will affect nothing if you are underweight. It is also recommended to check your minimum weight depends on your height. And by knowing your weight, you can soon to start your gain weight programs.

The mentioned exercises aren’t allowed to be done daily. But there are some training programs that you can daily to improve your chest muscle.

You can do the heavy compounds such as squat and dead lift regularly. It will help you to strengthen yourself. Another training program that you should do on how to build chest muscles is to train your legs. By training your legs, it will improve the hormone that will make the working on your chest going faster.

Never try to let yourself try so hard daily to build chest muscle. You need to remember that take a rest one or two days off is needed. On the off day when you are taking a rest, your muscle will grow. Working on your chest is recommended to be done maximum three times per week. Make sure that you don’t do three times exercises in three days.

One day training should be followed by one day off. If you take two days a week, you can get two days off after one-day training. To get the great result on how to build chest muscles through exercise, you are also recommended to use the proper technique. Just contact and ask for help to the body building trainer if you are new to the body building technique.


As additional information, it needs times to see the result. If you are a teenager, you can’t get an immediate result. This is because the teenage body is still developing. So if you are a young man that is currently working on building chest muscle, you will need to keep practicing and be patient. It will be the great foundation asset that will help you much when you are older. It will be different if you are an adult with high dedication and do well on how to build chest muscles; you can see the result in few weeks.


How To Build Chest Muscles Without Weights

Exercises For A Bigger Chest

People especially men tend to have a purpose to gain chest muscle in order so that they may look manly. Actually, instead of going to the gym, there are many men consider doing exercises at home due to some reasons, including having no free time and saving money; some prefer lifting heavy objects at home to improve the strength of their muscle and others do exercises without equipment. Well, in this section, we are going to discuss the topic more about building muscle without doing weight training.

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How To Build Chest Muscles Without Weights

Exactly, not all of the men have much money to spend on going to the gym or buying the equipment such as a barbell or dumbbell to support their muscle training. Therefore, here, there will be ways to build chest muscle without doing any weight. How? Let’s check it out!

  1. Alternating shuffle press-up. To begin with, you need to get started in the ideal press-up position. Move your right hand to the left until your two hands’ position is next to each other. Then, you have to slide your left hand further left till your hands are shoulder-width apart again. Perform a press-up and repeat, start with the right hand. Perform this shuffle press-up exercise 3 days a week with 1-day rest between workouts, at least. Complete the sets with 1 to 2 minutes resting.
  2. One-arm press-up. Perform this variation two days a week; you should complete four sets with 1 to 2 minutes resting. Do 10 to 15 repetitions per set, at least. It is a must for you to prepare 10 to 20 cm high box or you might use the stairs, as well as you make sure there is no one will come down. Watch out for someone wears high heel comes; it may hurt you if you do not notice it. Perform a press-up with your left hand on the box and your right hand on the floor. Switch arms and repeat.
  3. Dynamic box press-up. Place your hands on a box in the diamond press-up position. Then, lower your body and press explosively off the box; your hands must land on the floor with the box between them. After that, press your body explosively up so that your hands will land back on the box in the starting position. Perform this variation at least two days a week with 1 to 2 minutes resting. Again, aim for 10 to 15 repetitions per set.
  4. Plank-Ups. Combine the push-up and the plank into one move that may be very effective to increase the muscle’s growth since it may blast chest muscles and the abdominal. Surprisingly, this exercise also works well for your shoulders. The first thing you need to do is get started in a push-up position with your legs stretched out behind you and your hands directly under your shoulders. Then, lower yourself down to the forearm plank position. After that, reverse your movement by returning your arms to the fully extended position.


How To Increase Chest Size At Home For Men

Again, doing exercises at home must have many advantages to the men. They do not need to pay for the gym’s fee and also, there will be no required equipment needed, but it is okay to purchase some as well as you do have money. Also, when you do exercises at home, you are free to do it anytime you want. Then, what kinds of exercises at home that may be able to increase the size of your chest? Let’s discuss it.

  1. Push-ups. Push-ups are kind of a great bodyweight exercise which best hits your arm and chest. The benefit of the push-up is that you can do it anywhere and anytime you want. Of course, you will do the push-ups by using your body weight; you need a firm surface to support you, though. Unlike the other exercises that require weights, push-up has to require several muscle groups to work; it works for the smaller muscle groups and also uses them as stabilizers. This means that your hip flexors and your core will also be affected even though the chest becomes the primary target.
  2. The decline push-up. Although it is the version of the basic push-up, decline push-up must be difficult to do. Even, the difficulty must get increased when you start placing your feet on a higher place than your hands. The higher your box, chair or bench you use, the more intense and challenging the movement will be. However, you might get better results.
  3. Diamond push-ups. Talking about the variations of push-ups, diamond push-ups must be the answer. You do this kind of push-up by placing your hands close together until your index fingers, and thumbs touch so that they look like forming a “diamond” shape. To have your hands in such this position while you do the push-ups must strengthen your triceps and even your inner chest muscles, too.
  4. The push-up hold. The push-up hold is one type of an isometric exercise that can improve your chest strength. Surprisingly, it also works your arms, shoulders, and core. This exercise might not only make your physic strong but also your mind. This is because this push-up is hard to do. You need to hold the push-up position, lowered down, for as much as you can. Therefore, you may train your mental by believing that you can break your limit.
  5. Wide push-ups. Doing wide push-ups must be another variation that may give more pressure on your chest since most of your weight is transferred to your chest muscles or pectoral when you place your hands in a wide position. Therefore, the further you put your hands out, the greater the challenge for your chest will be. Wide push-ups must have made your upper body strength.

Finally, rather than going to the gym to look for the trainers to take you to increase your chest’s growth, it is best to do exercises at home because it might offer you not only several advantages but also become the efficient and easy method to do.



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