Easy Ways on How To Build Leg Muscle


How to Build Leg Muscle in Simple Ways

How To Build Leg Muscle Many people keep asking on how to build leg muscle simply. But actually, the real question is more into is there any simple way to build leg muscle? The answer is yes, there is. The simple way here means that you need do some simple things regularly. And simple means that it’s not hard to follow, not an extreme way and it is not dangerous at all.

eBuildMuscle.com – The key to build muscle, all muscle is to train regularly. Although leg muscle is used in daily activities, it needs some hard work to make it bigger and stronger. It should be a routine activity to keep improving the muscle to grow. Below are the descriptions for each simple step that will help you in building leg muscle.


Manage Your Training Time

The first way to answer the question on how to build leg muscle is by managing your train. Of course, training or workout is the fundamental key of all. Manage your training time twice or three times every week. It is wrong if you train yourself every day at the gym. The fact is that the muscle will be bigger when they get the breaks in training. If you are new to the gym, three times per week is enough to build your muscle.

Muscle will be stronger when you retake the training. After working out for four or six weeks, you can improve to make it three times per week. Remember that you should train yourself differently on two consecutive days. This is because leg consists of many muscles and only different exercises that can stimulate them to grow. The kind of the exercises will be described below.

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Manage Your Exercises

Although you can start from the essential exercise because you are new, the gym is providing us any exercise tools that can be set to a beginner. Some of the exercises that recommended on how to build leg muscle are including squat, barbell lunges and some calf exercises. We can now target the particular part of your body.

If you are targeting quads, you can do these exercises. They are barbell squat and hack squat. Barbell squat is the most common exercise to help in building the leg muscle. Start from the small barbell, and then improve to bear barbell as much weight as you can. Lift around ten times without put it down. If you are a beginner to this thing, you’d better ask the trainer to guide you. It is important to warm up your body before doing any exercise.

You can also now work for your hamstrings. Some of the exercises to build your hamstrings are including barbell lunges, seated leg curl, lying leg curl, and seated leg curl. The function of them is to extend the hip and as knee flexion.

Working for the calves is also important because it’s part of the question on how to build leg muscle. Two exercises are including standing calf raises, and seated calf raises. Both have a function of plantarflexion at the ankle. Calf raises also can be done in another way such as using the barbell. For the instruction on working through barbell, you will need trainer’s assistance.


Commitment To Training

One of the important aspects in answering how to build leg muscle is that to tell you that taking exercise isn’t enough if you don’t work hard for them. When you understand that the leg contains many muscles and it needs special treatment to work for them, you should also think that it will need some serious commitment to do this. The body builder told us that it would be mean nothing if working half or half committing you to this thing.

To make it bigger, you need to make it work every day. But there is some valuable information that will help you in managing your exercise. Although you need strong dedication to make it work, you don’t need to go to the gym daily. Accustoming your leg to work every day means that you still need some small activity like walking.

You will also need to take a rest during your training. Remember that muscles get stronger when it’s workout break days. When you take a rest, fibers will heal, and it will strengthen your muscle. When you are on your break days, you are not allowed to walk or run 10 miles, go biking, or hiking. Small activity such as walking during your activities is recommended. It is important to notice that at least you have two days break. Those all are part of the question on how to build leg muscle.

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Eat Better

Another one of the important parts to answer the question on how to build leg muscle is nutrition consumption. One thing that you should do is consuming more protein. It will help you to build the leg muscle faster. Your body uses lots of protein to build muscle. It means that you should pay attention to your meals.

Protein can be found in meat and fish. It is recommended to eat beef, eggs, chicken, cheese, and fish. If you want natural protein sources, try to consume tofu and beans. You can also consume protein powder to support your muscle growth. There are many protein powders could help you with that, such as whey powder.

Still, about the consumption, you are highly recommended to drink more water. If you used to drink eight glasses a day, make it ten or twelve glasses daily. The water will help you to stay hydrated during your exercise. You should also consume more fresh fruit and vegetables.

The thing to notice if you are a beginner is to consult with your doctor first. If you don’t want to meet the doctor, you can ask a trainer to guide you how to do it. Make sure that the trainer is trusted or certified. Ask them to check your progress on how to build leg muscle until you get the result that you want.


How To Build Muscle Leg Easily

Build muscle leg program can be easier, it just needs a regular practice. You can even do it without equipment. For those who want to make their muscle leg becomes bigger but don’t have time to visit the gym, you can now build your muscle leg in your home. Even if you are a woman, you can try it too.


How To Build Muscle Leg At Home

There are so many ways to do home based exercise that will help you to build muscle leg. Not many people know about this one. But here some of the exercise that will help you to create bigger muscle legs.

  • Perform squat
    Performing squat can help you to work on it faster. The squat is known of the king of exercises. This is a primary exercise for your leg. But not many of us can do it well. To do it well, you can start by standing with your feet and make it shoulder-width apart. Then try to hold your hands in front of yourself and try to create the balance position. While doing this, make sure you push your butt back and make yourself to get lower. To make you easier in doing this, try to imagine yourself that you are currently sitting on a chair.
    Stop lowering yourself if the bend of the knees reaches about 90 degrees. Then push your position until you get back in your first position. Do this about 15-20 times. Take a rest for one or two minutes.
  • Perform lunges
    Performing this kind of exercise in a right way will be able to help you to build muscle leg. It will also improve your balance. To do it well, start with stand position with your feet together. Choose one of your legs to make a big step forward. After you do this, place yourself that focuses on your body weight. Lower your body until the back knee almost touches the floor. Push yourself back and continue to do with another leg. Before pushing back yourself into the first position, make sure that your knees bent around 90 degrees. Then repeat the same with your different knee. Repeat the movement 15-20 times each leg.
  • Perform calf raise
    As its name, this exercise will focus on your calves. It is a simple exercise to perform. Start to find the platform that slightly elevated such as a stair. Then stand on the edge of the platform. Make half of the foot in the platform. And make another half of the foot on the edge of the platform. Then try to lower yourself using only your calf muscles and ankles. Try not to move any part of your body, primary the knee and upper legs.
    After you reach your limit, push back yourself using the calves. Repeat the heels up and down movement up to 20 times.

To see the result from your exercises to build muscle leg., you will need to wait for some times. The result is usually affected by the exercise intensity, the life style and the nutrition that you consume. As an addition to support your home based body building, try to consume more protein in your meal.


How To Build Muscle Leg For Female

It is possible for a female to build muscle leg. There are some healthy ways will help a woman to gain bigger muscle leg. Here are some recommended ways.

  • Eat more
    You read it right. You should eat more. But it isn’t just eaten as much as you can. There are some limitations about this. First, you should consume more protein. Beef, seafood, and fish can be your choice. For those who are vegetarians, try to choose beans and tofu. Second, eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid bad calories such as sugars, fast food, and cakes.
  • Less Cardio Exercises
    If you want to have the big muscle, you should avoid exercises such as swimming, running, and power walking. Those exercises will do nothing on your legs. The better exercise to make your muscle leg bigger is not the cardio exercises, but a substituting cardio exercise.  Uphill cycling and hiking are the example activities.
  • Doing weight trainings
    Weight training will break down the fiber in your muscle and create the new one that much stronger and bigger. Doing weight training that focuses on your legs will help you to build muscle leg.
  • Intense workouts
    You can try some basic workouts and do them intensely. If you are a beginner, try to ask the right basic workout for a woman. You will get the basic lifting weight workout. Lift the weight for ten reps only. Try not to push yourself in a hard way. Enjoy the workout and take a rest if needed.
  • Choose some exercises
    There are many safe exercises can be used for a female to make the muscle log bigger. Some of the exercises are standing leg curls, leg extension, walking lunges, and box jumps. You can choose one or combine them all. It will work for you if you so the same routine exercises for at least a month.

You don’t need to do it daily. Try maximum four times each week. You can also combine some and then move to other exercises that a bit harder. Your body needs days off to create the bigger muscle. Yes, the muscle will get bigger when you are on your off day. The fiber that broken when you do the exercise will be rebuilt at this time.

Most beginners of leg builders will see the result in about four up to eight weeks. For the result of a well-managed workout plan with additional support such as nutrition can be seen in four weeks only. The key of all is just willing to make the recommendation above intensely. But for a woman, never try to work harder and break your limit. It can hurt your muscle and damage your health. If possible, hire a professional bodybuilder to guide you build muscle leg.



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