9 Smart Ways To Build Muscle Without Working Out


build muscle without working outA Smart Way To Build Muscle Without Working Out

A busy daily activity, in particular for a person that works in the office, make them don’t have enough time to do some exercise regularly, but they want to get a muscular body. Don”t be afraid because you will build muscle without working out through several activities that have a relationship with your daily activity. It is straightforward to do, and you will get a double benefit through it, you will get a muscular body also finish your work and feel so happy with your new activity.


eBuildMuscle.com – Besides that, maybe some people also don’t have enough budget to build muscle without working out in the gym, don’t have knowledge or access to use the equipment or have difficulties to find the gym near your house. To solve the problem, you need some effort and should take the right attitude while doing it. Believe in your shelves that you will do it well without exercise although it takes longer time than do some exercise regularly.


Some step to gain muscle without working out

Let’s read some steps below to make your dream comes true. Just choose the point that you like and make sure you do it with a happy feeling.

  1. Do daily activity tasks with intensity
    If you are working in some place that has stairs access, you will use it to build muscle without working out and absolutely you must skip your habit to use the elevator. Besides that, you will change your habit to use car or motorcycle to go to the office by walking or biking. It will be a simple step that you will do it with regularity and intensity. In the home, you will start gardening or carry up a heavy package to get some opportunities in lifting something. This activity will make your blood flowing and build a muscle slowly.
  2. Start some new hobbies
    Having me time with our hobby is one of the ways to refresh our shelves after feel so bored with the daily activity. If you like to go outdoor, you will choose a new hobby like a hike or paddle boarding, playing basketball or soccer. The key is to burn the calories and train your muscle by doing some hobbies that you love. Physical activity is significant to maintain a healthy life, just get moving to build muscle without working out. The track’s aim is to make you do a good activity through a hobby that will bring a good impact rather than go to the fitness center.
  3. Change your diet
    A bad habit of eating an inadequate nutrients food and also don’t do an exercise will add some fat on top of your muscle. Lose the fat by avoiding a junk food is a must. You must change it by consuming a healthy food by adding a lot of vegetable, fruit and also a protein that helpful for you to build muscle without working out and maintain the muscle.
  4. Build a garden that needs daily maintenance
    If you have a free space outside around your house, you will take benefit through it. Well, build a garden that requires daily maintenance is also an easy way. You will do this activity in the morning or the afternoon before or after your working time. Some activities like twisting, digging, weeding, bending and lifting will make your muscle growth. Besides that, you will get a good result to for your exterior house look. It will look so green with some plants like a vegetable, fruits or ornamental plants.
  5. Clean your house
    Maybe you never realize that this activity is also the way to build muscle without working out. Through clean the house, you will have a pleasant environment that neat and clean also work your muscle. An everyday activity like mopping the floor, rearrange the furniture, climb the ladder to clean the ceiling, push and pull the vacuum are effective way to substitute the workout.
  6. Walk vigorously
    In a modern life, almost all people have their private vehicle and go to somewhere in short or long distance with it. You will change the habit by making daily walks around your neighborhood. Besides that, you will also try some trick to park your vehicle in the far distance from the office or shopping center. It will force our shelves to walk, and you will get the benefit through it.
  7. Participate in outdoor games and outings with your children
    Play some games will also be an enjoyable activity. You will play ball in the backyard, ride bikes and roller-skate. Besides that, you will fill your leisure time by taking your children to do activities that require physical activity. For example, you will go to the zoo, water park, walk along the beach, bend up your body to pick the seashells. You will get a double benefit through it, having quality time with your children also doing such of activities that will build muscle without working out.
  8. Take supplements
    Besides doing physical activity, you will also take supplements that made of creatine before you go walking or performing heavy work. Creatine is kind of amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. This supplement commonly comes from fish and meat. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, creatine will increase muscle mass when taken during high-intensity activities.
  9. Drink skim milk
    It is better for you to consume skim milk than soy or protein drinks after do your daily activity. According to McMaster University, the studies show that people who drink skim milk after doing some activity that lost more fat will build up more muscle mass than people who drank equivalent amounts of high-protein beverages and carbohydrate-based drinks.

Well, there are several ways to build muscle without working out that simple and don’t need enough time. You just need to change your daily habit, and you will do it through the daily activity to finish house chores.

So, let’s choose the suitable way that fit your schedule and you will slowly but sure get the result through it. Don’t take an instant way to get your muscle by taking some illegal medicine that will bring a bad impact on your body because to gain something always need an effort and also process.



Recommendations: Foods That Builds Muscle

Lists of Foods That Help Build Muscle

There are many foods that build muscle that recommended for those who are currently building the muscle. Food is important to support the workout so the muscle could be stronger. Some foods work well to support your muscle while you are sleeping at night. Some also work well in daily consumption.

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Foods That Build Muscle During Sleep

To help you understand with the foods that build muscle at night, we will provide the key to it. Foods that will help you are the food that contains protein. Some fats also recommended as your night food. Don’t worry, this kind of fat will help you to gain the muscle mass.

For your foods, try the high protein sources of foods. A slow digesting protein form of protein will be ideal. Try to have some chicken or turkey. If you do the work out during the day, they would be a great dinner for you. On the other hand, having greater protein in your body will make you gain the greater muscle.

For your fat sources, you can try low-fat cottage cheese with pineapple chunks. As an addition, add an ounce of almonds. Almonds are a great source of healthy fats that will help to slow the digestion rate.

But if you want to maximize the way your food builds your muscle while you are sleeping, you can try to have some shakes. This is protein shakes. It needs to be informed that protein of this type will be a shake or protein powder. Although it’s kind of drinking, it’s not a liquid drink. The shake is usually made from the protein powder that actually is a source of energy. Some of the protein powder also can be mixed in your meal.

Try to make a shake of casein. Casein is a slow release protein. Some options are also including creatine, branch-chained amino acids, and glutamine. You can mix them all during your meal. It is important to have them because they will really support your muscle.

Those proteins are actually the supplements. But it is recommended to consume them before sleep. Once you consume it, it will improve the way you gain muscle. Casein and other supplements are working best while you are sleeping. The good thing is that your muscle will be bigger when you are sleeping. It means that you will get an optimum result if you consume these before bed.

If you want to make the supplements above to be your main source, you can try to take casein and flax.

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Foods That Build Muscle Fast

There some foods that build muscle and will help you to build muscle faster. You can consume these foods anytime you want. We will list some of the foods that able to help you in build your muscle fast.

  1. Beef
    Beef contains of protein. You’d better choose the beef that comes from grass-fed cattle. It contains higher useful nutrients.
  2. Brown rice
    This brown rice will make you do the workout longer. It is because this food is typical slow digest food.
  3. Cottage cheese
    This food is rich in casein protein. It is one of the best protein sources. Take this kind of food before bed.
  4. Eggs
    Everyone knows that eggs are good sources of protein. The good thing is that the yolk is also useful to help you in build the muscle mass. Although the yolk itself contains cholesterol, the fact it is useful. How could be? Because the cholesterol in the yolk is able to decrease the bad cholesterol in your body. so you don’t need to be worried.
  5. Milk organic
    Organic milk contains of whey and casein. These two kinds of proteins are the best supplement that will make your muscle is getting bigger in a short way.
  6. Spinach
    Spinach is good for you because it contains glutamine and amino acid that is vital for muscle growth.
  7. Greek yogurt
    This type of yogurt contains higher protein that the general yogurt. It is a good source of foods that build muscle that you can consume as your breakfast.
  8. Fruit
    Fruit such as apples and oranges are the best fruit that bale to help you build your muscle. The polyphenols in apple is to help to increase muscle strength and prevent muscle fatigue. It will allow you to train harder and longer. While orange is able to boost your muscle growth. Eating this before workout is recommended.


Sometimes, it is not easy to combine the food as the good meal. But here the recommendations to make better meal plans from the foods that build muscle combinations.

  • Cottage cheese and almonds
    1 cup of the low-fat cottage and 1 ounce of almonds contain about 327 calories, protein 34 g, carbs 11 g and fat 16 g.
  • Avocado and eggs
    Avocado is a healthy source of food. By combining it with the egg, you will get higher protein.
  • Whey protein and peanut butter
    Probably this is the food combination that contains the highest protein. The protein amount is twice from the second meals. It is 28 g.

You can follow some of the recommendations or create by yourself. Actually, there are more foods than just in the list. But some of them probably aren’t strong enough to give the power for muscle building. In muscle building field, food that contains high protein is the primary source after a workout to work on muscle.

It means that you can combine those food listed above. On the other hand, you can ask your trainer or your doctor about the menu. If you want to do it yourself, vary the meals. Combine some vegetables, fruit, and yogurt in your meal. Healthy food could lead to the healthy body too. The nutrients will also make the muscle health. Some of the foods are good to consume before, during or after the breakout. So if you are on your workout program to build a muscle, try to manage your meal of foods that build muscle well.


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