Muscle Building Frequent Question: How Many Reps to Build Muscle?


How Many Reps to Build Muscle One of the most frequent questions on muscle building that we usually find is how many reps to build muscle. Many people who are currently doing the exercise or planning to build muscle are usually asking about this so they can manage well their workout. Some of them are questioning to find the fastest way to build muscle. The explanation of reps for muscle building program isn’t that simple. – One needs to know and understand their need and their purpose to find out the proper reps. Not only that, but also tha type of exercise should be considered to decide the right reps when one does a workout. The different exercise or training will also create different reps, although some are the same. This means that answering how many reps to build muscle is not easy.

Also, working on building muscle needs smart training, which included the rep. Smart training is not same with hard training. Smart training which considers the number of reps will make you close to your muscle building goals. The hard training on the other hands could damage your muscle system. Many reps represent hard training which is not smart. Here, the explanation will be about smart one.

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So, here is the information about the rep to answer the question on how many reps to build muscle. Like what have mentioned before, the reps depend on many things. Here, the information will consider the building muscle goals so it will easier for those who are new in muscle building world.

  1. Muscle Building For Size Purposes
    The first purpose is to gain the bigger muscle. Many people are currently working on this. This is the most chosen thing that people aimed when they do the exercise. Probably, almost 75% of the muscle building activities are aimed at this goal. In a simple world, this training called hypertrophy.So if you are aiming for bigger muscle size as your main priorities, you should choose the weight that at which a failure muscle for you. The range is 8 -12. In other words, you can choose to take more reps after you think your previous rep is fine for you.
    Please notice that the rep is not recommended to be more than 12 reps. If you do this, you can damage your muscle and affect your body.This is also should be noticed because it’s part of question how many reps to build muscle.This all means that if you can only do 5-7 reps on a weight exercise, you should reduce the next set. But if you can do 8-12 on a particular exercise, in a note that it’s not too heavy; it’s mean that you should stop on the 12 and find the one part which you find your failure in the exercise. This means that you should add the weight on your set so you can’t-do at 12 or more than 12. Again, the range 8-12 is the necessary consideration.
    It is not recommended to take more than 12 reps although you can do it. The reps here also depend on the weight that you take for the exercise. The more weight, the fewer reps you can do, and that’s the proper reps.That is not enough to explain for the question how many reps to build muscle. You should know that considering the weight exercise to find the proper reps will be able to help you grow your muscle faster. A useful exercise also will affect the size of the muscle in a short time. For a weight exercise that too heavy for you, if you are a beginner, you can also consider from range 4-8 reps.It is also should be notified to vary the exercises type with various reps to lift heavier weights so your muscle building progress will be faster. As an example, try bench press, squat, bent-over row, dead-lift and overhead press.
  2. Muscle Building For strength
    One of the common goals for many people, when they join the muscle building program, is to create stronger muscle. This, not a new thing because the more they build the muscle, the stronger muscle will be. But there are some cases which the people focus on muscle strength.If you build muscle for muscle strength, the range 8-12 reps that formulated to build muscle size aren’t optimal for this purpose.You can choose the heavier exercise that will only lift just for 1-6 reps only. Please note that the heavier loads that you take, the reps will be less.
    If you can do this regularly and effectively, the exercise will stimulate the muscle cells to grow stronger.Please notice that you don’t need to do more than eight reps if it’s heavier than the muscle building for size.The best recommendation for the training in this goal, the answer of how many reps to build muscle, is to reduce the reps in your each set. Also, it’s not necessary to do this every day. Make a plan for this goal, probably for 16 weeks or more. You can ask the trainer to help you create your plan and find the best loads and the reps.
  3. Muscle Building to Build endurance
    This is the last type to answer the question how many reps to build muscle. Building muscle endurance is also part of muscle building. Although this is not popular as the two goals before, some people still choose this goal as their priority.For those who want to focus on muscle endurance, should choose the right light weights that can be done in range 15-20 reps. It means that the exercise is easier than the one for the previous goals.

So now, you can decide the right rep range that you should work in after reading the information above. Please notice that when you are doing one or combine two of them, you need to think about the sets and the rest. At least, you need to rest about 3-4 minutes to take oxygen intake in each set.

A regular and managed-well plan for those goals can help you build your muscle faster. As the last note of this explanation of how many reps to build muscle, you should do a consultation with the trainer and never try to work harder because it can cause muscle damage.

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